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    Quote Originally Posted by wetwader View Post
    Very nice picture. Nice pike. Maybe the fish is heavier as it looks, a heavy Tschernobyl form?
    Not saying at all I would trust Putin. But I can show you lots of pictures of friends and fish that shows the same problem...😁 Maybe even worse😁😁 some of mine?

    Irradiating journalists in central London/smearing lethal nerve agents around leafy Wiltshire is one thing but lying your @rse off about the size of a fish is another altogether.

    I don't care if he leads a nuclear superpower with a 300,000 strong army, anytime anyone adds more than a couple of pounds to the weight of a fish in the presence of Col Sir Hugh Wyldbore-Smythe (Rtd) and they immediately get a knee to the groin.

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    The Salisbury situation is turning into a real fiasco.


    "If you were nearby, no need to worry, all should be fine"


    "OK, if you were wearing clothes in the pub/restaurant, wash them as a precaution"


    "If you were anywhere near, destroy clothing immediately".

    And now de-contamination of areas which could take months !

    If nothing else, it has shown how utterly unprepared we were for any kind of chemical/biological attack. Hopefully, lessons have been learned and a more robust strategy is now being developed.

    I have great sympathies for any business in Salisbury which relies on visitors - their takings must have plummeted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozzyian View Post
    You might be right, I'm always open to change my mind if I detect the balance of probabilities has shifted. I personally don't think Johnson has the clout to have 100 something Russian diplomats from around the globe wrongly returned to Moscow though.

    The Litvenenko murder (and probable manslaughter of at least one innocent bystander) and it's aftermath where Putin refused to comply with Police requests to interview the suspect (and in fact in a public show of defiance decorated him) could be seen as an aggravating factor in the Wiltshire attempted murder.

    Who knows though, I just tend to believe our lot before this guy, I mean, let's all face it there's no f*****g ways that pike is 21kgs like he claimed.

    Attachment 29495

    He's holding it out towards the camera and everything - like we were born yesterday. W@nker, 21 ibs maybe
    Also take account of the fact that he is only about 5 foot 6 inches tall. A 21 Kg pike would have eaten him !

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