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    I don't think the shorter rods are a fad having some real advantages over the long rod,I use my short 12ft 6in rod when the river is up and a short to medium cast is needed,having said that when the river is normal and lower height I always use a longer rod and spey line and catch most of my fish on the spey line but it is far easier I find with the shorter rod when the river is up,onelastcast

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    Interesting discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springer View Post
    Interesting discussion.
    Join in !

    I went to the forum fishing / casting day at Dalmarnock on the Tay quite a number of years ago when I saw a great selection of rods in action - somebody caught a fresh 12lb too on a Frances I think.

    I couldn't believe how far the Century 12 ' (?) rod cast on that day - but I believe that was with a 10/11 line.

    I may have got the line rating/ rod length slightly wrong, but it was something of that order - a very powerful rod.

    The shorter rod I was using recently is 8/9 - a lovely rod in general.
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    I guess a fad can only become a fad, if too many follow it.
    For rods and lines:
    As long as most choose their equipment/rod and line lengths for what it’s best, there can be no fad to follow, only a popular rod length for river xy...
    Even then, all rod and line lengths can have their situation. If 15’ or even 16’ rods are popular for river xy, it can be very useful to have a short and strong Switch rod for “fishing in the bushes under trees” in high water.
    Vice versa it can be useful to have full control for fly drift with a longer rod in smaller rivers.

    It’s simply nice to have the full offers in rod and line lengths of any kind nowadays to adapt to the specific fishing situation or individual preferences.
    The real pitty is, the salmon stocks are suffering that much.
    And I for myself hope, there is no need for “travel rods only” for us in future, to fly around the whole globe for other chromers ...
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    My experience has mainly been small to medium rivers where short rods are king and they are great fun to fish. I am for the last few seasons fishing more big rivers and love a 15ft rod. I have calmed down my casting and am much more relaxed these days and as long as rod and line are a good match I don5 find casting the 15ft rod any more tiring. I like using both

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    I've just had almost 2 weeks solid casting with a 17fter and the odd spell with a "little" 16fter.On my return home and back to Ribble I fished my 11ft 6 8 weight switch Friday.Love this rod its a pleasure to fish with, but it felt distinctly club like after the longer rods.Well, for a while any way.
    I have a lot of reason to fish switch rods and shorter double handers during most of my years fishing and when coupled with the new line technology these rods are a pleasure to fish and very very capable indeed.However its easy to forget what the longer rods are capable of and indeed the pleasure of playing a fish on one(yes you all remember that bit I'm sure, the once a year reason we all go fishing for!,lol),coupled with modern lines once you settle back into them you can easily cover some pretty impressive distances and gain serious water coverage,with the extra lifting power available when using sunk lines tubes etc. you can question the trend in shying away from the longer weapon.
    I've allways said this game is a horses for courses thing, pick the right rod for the right circumstances.My early days were a two rod affair, an 18fter for Tay and a 15fter for every where else.Whilst I doubt there's little practical need to go longer than say 18ft, I do now realise the need and practicalities of the shorter rods when common sense dictates they're right for use.Line technological advances have seen the shorter rods very much to the fore so much so I can see ground in the argument the 13ft 6 rod is the jack of all trades?
    I doubt personally I could choose a one rod option, my fishing does vary so much and there would be limitations both ways with a single rod usage.
    Weather depending Tuesday could see the 11ft 3 6 weight switch flogging away on Ribble.Mindst you, had my once a year occurrence on Ribble this year, be good casting practice!

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    I had jumped to the conclusion that shorter rods were a complete replacement for longer rods, and that 15 ' rods and above were now relics - like flat screen TV's replacing the thicker versions. I think I jumped to the wrong conclusion with that.

    Likewise shooting heads and (short headed) spey lines; given a full day on the main Tyne (or similar width) I may try those again.

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