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    Nice article. My first salmon rod and line was hand-me-down from my father-in-law to be. It had no discernible name and I'm not sure how long it was, or what the line on it was. But I had worked out for myself how to cast with it, and like an oyster smooths a pearl, I was putting out a good 15 yards, albeit a bit splashy. (Still caught fish though, bizarrely).

    When my fishing eventually took me away from his watchful eyes I craftily upgraded at Jack Simpson's little shop down near Cheshunt. Jack had a licence to hand-build Sage rods from their blanks here in the UK and he recommended the 15'1" Sage IV (I'd never even heard of Sage before) and a Rio Windcutter with interchangeable tips (again, all new to me).

    My first trip out with it was my first foreign foray, to the West Ranga.

    It's difficult to describe the shock to my system that half-week effected on me, as you might imagine...a rod that felt 'alive' in my hands...a line that went much further than I could spit...and no less than 8 or 9 fish on the bank every day.

    It's all been downhill since...


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    Its amazing how things have changed. My first 2 hander rod was a B&W 13.6 Cordon Bleu with a #9/10 double taper, it was a lovely wee rod once I got used to using it, but i fancied something with more oomph so pxd it for a 14' hardy glass (forget the name- brown/marroon blank) that I simply loved and funnily enough, I used to fish a weight forward in 2 sizes bigger for fishing in windy and wild conditions and it was smashing, chucked a good length of line out with a spey cast( i guess this was my early version of a modern Spey line). I then moved to a Daiwa 16 foot which was a powerful rod but hard on the back.

    Now I have gone the reverse, my big heavy duty rod is a 13' century, but for 85% of my fishing a feather weight 12' loop #7 with a light airflo scandi/spey and it is just brilliant. I am even thinking of trying a switch rod now (or at least I was until the lack of fish makes we wonder if its worth the cost).

    The modern rods and lines make fishing a joy in all weathers.

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    My first rod(as a whipper snapper 14 year old!) was a 17ft'2 Daiwa Osprey kevlar with a high D home made 12/13 weight shooting head. Armed with a wifeys size pair of Oceans, my old man happily plonked me several yards into the Tay and told me to get on with it. I guess he had a sense of humour back then. Despite my less than brilliant odds I did actually catch fish on several occasions. There were however fish in the Tay at that time!!

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    I learned with a hardy "salmon fly" 13ft (thats what it says on the blank but no doubt itl have another name) fiberglass rod with a double taper wetcell line and it was hard work rolling the line up to the top to try and cast it at about 7 or 8 years old. Great for really small pools but as good as useless for somewhere like the tyne where you need a bit distance so i would use my 7wt daiwa whisker single hander for that and was massivly undergunned but it got a line out.

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    When I was at Jeffery’s of Guildford, which was from 1991 until 1995, we sold the 12 and 15ft Favourite; the 15ft 4” Deluxe and the 15ft Sovereign........I think!

    I couldn’t afford any of them so I learnt with a 12ft CF98 8/9 that I had right up until 2006 - when I gave it away!

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