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    Quote Originally Posted by minitube View Post
    Hi FloatinglineNelly,

    Don't get it wrong about Martin (Orca). Martin is really a great guy, salt of the earth in fact and he really helps a lot of people with fly casting, a very generous individual as I can personally attest to. We all can have an off day or moment. Martin is someone I admire greatly as he has achieved the top level in Spey casting through a lot of hard work and dedication.

    My favourite picture in all of fly casting is Michael O'Kane holding him aloft in celebration in San Francisco when Martin won the senior Spey Competition at Spey O Rama, what a pic, it really captures the essence of the moment. That is the really top level and demanding competition, left and right side casting. Martin has won a lot of other competitions too, there's a great pic of him with both the John Enright overhead and the Spey O Mega trophys, first place in both events. Hes a truly magnificent rod builder and a custom line making expert. A genius with his hands.

    The thing is with competition casting sometimes there can be other agendas at play and sometimes its hard for those involved at the top level to know who's a genuine person and who's perhaps got another motive - enough said, no point in going into details.

    Oh and thanks for the other kind words.
    I'll second that Robert, Martin will help anyone out! I can't say enough about the Man the time and effort he will put in with you to sort out you're casting issues is truly a mark of the Man.
    Fly Fishing & Rugby a Marriage made in Heaven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castor View Post
    @ Minitube,

    Have you tried the normal rods by Gealforce; those designed for fishing by ordinary mortals? If so, can you share your findings and also tell us which well known rods his approach is closest to? Many thanks.

    There is no doubt that James will dominate the competition field for some time to other designer has the experience which he has gained over the years.

    Great pictures by the way! Last time I was on Conn was from Cloghans...our boatman was Dr AA Luce; that will tell you how long ago that was!

    Hi castor,

    Kind of missed this question. I have used his other fishing rods and they are of course excellent, Michael O'Kane has some and I get to try them regularly. His approach is closest to his own, he's an experienced Spey caster and personally I find generally experienced Spey casters produce good Spey casting rods. I don't want to compare and all comparisons are generally subjective and based on personal preferences. I have seen James Chalmers casting on the Spey and on the Shannon and its seriously impressive.

    For me good Spey rods are designed usually by those with a background in that side of D.H. casting, and I prefer those from this side of the pond as I like a bit more strength in the tip of a rod than the Americans will tend to use. Not that there's anything wrong with American or indeed Scandinavian ones its just they are slightly different usually (but not always) to what I personally like though I do like some Guideline rods too. I like the normal bottom part of a Spey casting rod handle rather than the usually shorter thicker Scandinavian style. All good Spey casting blanks will follow fairly similar rules.

    I really like the Spey rods and lines, long stroke casting with some feeling and feedback, power with feeling. Its a beautiful art and the highest skill level in D.H. casting to do well IMHO. So it'll usually be Gaelforce, Hardy, Mackenzie, Greys e.t.c. that will suit my taste. I usually buy them as second hand rods too.

    Gaelforce Spey lines are my go to line of choice.

    A.A. Luce of fishing and thinking fame, impressive. The fishing would have been good at that time.
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