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    Default SAGE VT2 13FT 7WT 4 sect .custom featherwork.

    Sage vt2 13ft 7wt with feather inlay in great condition.
    Got from a fellow member.
    Had a couple of hours today with heads and scandi lines in both 7 and 8 weights. Loves both at around 28/32 grams
    Only moving on as i have a couple of rods around same length that do the same job.
    Check out pics,stunning rod
    Looking to swap for something different.all rod lengths considered.
    Maybe good quality used salmon fly reel,reel and spool
    Message any interest
    Attached Images Attached Images 3de8cc73-833b-4883-bff5-31044d459369-jpeg 74a67b80-6f7f-4542-ae2c-a4fc17236615-jpeg d5d70612-59d1-45a2-b112-1aab81ff5b7c-jpeg bff5c485-863e-4fef-9fce-bb82f1400dd7-jpeg b02489b8-2331-4d54-979e-ec3500c0c359-jpeg 57f839b9-32c1-4bd4-9cc2-5d3a927796da-jpeg 56ac104d-753b-4489-8d8d-ae218cad8c7c-jpeg 
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