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Thread: Mini Scandi SBS

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    Default Mini Scandi SBS

    For Pedro, apologies for the photos, but was in a rush between jobs. Itís raining again so I got the kit out.

    Full disclosure, Iíve only tied these over this close season, but they look good in water and no reason why the wouldnít work.....



    Wing: Banana Rabbit Strip - this is closer to Tan, but whoís complaining?

    Tube: 1.8mm liner - anything this size or smaller will do

    Cones: Sean Stanton X-Small, the black ones are bigger than the other X-Smalls, hey ho. Eumer do some nice small ones too. Donít go 2 big on the cone or the body becomes too bulky.

    Dubbing: Gold angel hair / lite brite

    Hackles: Soft underfibres from a Pheasant (as shown), or the base of a cock hackle.

    Step 1:.

    Cut a section of tube, burr the end, dab on some superglue and slide in the cone. Not shown here but, you can add a hook keeper by slipping it over the burred end of the tube and securing with a couple of turns of tying thread, before putting the glue and cone on. This does use some space and makes the body longer though.


    Step 2:

    Get a very small qty of dubbing ready. Cut the fibres to length first if you want to brush the body out over the hook. Wing it tight and make sure your last thread wrap is in front of the dubbing, push it back right against the cone and give a few more weíll waxes thread wraps to secure. Now if you are really keen, try sanding the cone or putting a thin coat of glue on. Then youíll be able to dub all the way up the slope..... Iíve not done it but it should work if you have time to waste


    Step 3:

    Select the wing. If you want that scandi profile I think ratios of length : width are important. 4-6 times body length seems to work. Pinch a bit of rabbit hair to see if it meets your needs. Rabbit is great, the fur is much softer than any hair, it slims down a lot in the water and it flows naturally over the cone body, rather than sticking up in the air.


    Step 4:

    Tie on the wing. Donít tie down on the skin - it will bulk up the fly and thereís not much space to play with here.


    Step 4:

    Ratios again... Ideally, I reckon that the wing should be >3-3.5 times the length of the hackle fibres. It doesnít matter if thereís a few fibres that are longer, but if all of the hackle fibres are longer, the fly tends to look like an intruder section not a scandi fly. I doubt the fish give a hoot, but that isnít what weíre going for so....


    Step 5:

    Tie on the hackle. Strip the fibres from one side. If the remaining stem is strong enough to wind it, then go ahead. Personally I find it easier in most cases to pull the fibres off and just tie in bunches round the hook. Waxed thread is key and it always pays to wrap close and minimise the number of wraps.


    Step 6:

    At this stage I recommend you add a dab of superglue to you thread, wrap twice round and then trim the ends as close as you can. The glue helps to hold your head while you cut. Use a razor or stanley blade for best results. This will really help to keep the head small later. At this stage you can also tie in some more wing, If you want to. I chose to do that here.


    Step 7:

    Add JC if you want. Iím sure that I could have simply added some glue to the thread here, cut the tube and finished off the head. I was going to do that; but then I changed my mind and added a wee silver cone, because I wanted to. To add the cone, just trim the ends tight as you can, dab on some superglue and slide the cone tight to the dressing. Once the cone has stuck, trim the tube and burr the ends.


    [B]Finished Fly[/B]


    Total length 1Ē, in the background is a .5Ē Slupstream Plastic Tube for scale. Notice that the cone on the Banana doesnít quite press up against the materials, because of the extra head wraps I put in, when I was thinking of doing a plain, glued head. Also notice a wee bit of glue on the cone - I was in a hurry, this took <10 mins to tie.

    Obviously if you leave out the body cone, this type of fly could be a fair bit smaller yet.

    Hope you enjoy. Pedro, drop me a PM and Iíll send some materials.
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    Thanks for the SBS GK - very clear steps. I'll admit on some of the slippy profile tubes I'll use the 'dab of glue' to get the wraps up - so it'll definitely work on the conehead. You've given me plenty of food for thought for creating small weighted Scandi flies. I can imagine it's a very slinky looking fly in the water! Cheers, Patrick
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    Would appear people might have a bit more free time on their hands the now . With 2 sbs in 2 days. Great work GK. Nice step by step and thanks for taking the time.

    Never tied or fished the banana fly might just need to give it a go.

    Cheers andy

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    Just off to work for my 6 days out of 7 stint,I'll be in touch soon as.Thanks,

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    I love the look of these scandi flies, they're something i'm definitely going to get & try out. Great work

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgaines10 View Post
    I love the look of these scandi flies, they're something i'm definitely going to get & try out. Great work
    Well last night I Tay-rigged 6 Rapallas using what I presume was your YouTube video, so one good turn deserves another. Glad you found it useful. Cheers Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grassy_Knollington View Post
    Well last night I Tay-rigged 6 Rapallas using what I presume was your YouTube video, so one good turn deserves another. Glad you found it useful. Cheers Chris
    Haha happy days mate Mini Scandi SBS simple & effective!

    As much as Iíd love to follow your sbs Iím hopeless at the vice! Iíll be buying some though. I love the look of them and their profile.

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    The thought never crossed my mind to use rabbit like that!

    Great idea and thank you

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