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Thread: Silicone Oil

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    Default Silicone Oil

    Hi All,
    I make my own flying c's etc and I am looking for a silicone oil that will suffice from a Hardware store etc. Anyone have any experience of what type/brand may be suitable please?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks !!

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    I use silicone spray grease at work if thats any use ? Comes in an aerosol and lasts quite a while

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    Halfords do an aerosol silicone spray - only used it for retracting wing mirrors when they start to judder/stick.

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    If you are after something to help ease the rubber/silicone sleeves on then I would suggest Hellermann Tyton Sleeve Oil - Hellerine Lubricant. It is made from natural vegetable oils and is used throughout the electronics industry to ease rubber sleeves over joints.

    It is normally around 5-6 for a 284ml bottle and that will last ages. or scroll down for alternatives.
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    I got mine from spintec look them up on or phone on 01254820200.

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    Thanks for the replies. Ideally I was thinking of something that you could get in a hardware store without the extra cost of shipping. I ordered some of this stuff,
    No idea how good it will be but hopefully it will do the job and it will last a long time !!
    Thanks for the help ! I will repost to let anyone interested know if it works or not..

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    Default oil

    I have always just used a drop of fairy liquid, thimble full goes a long way

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