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    Thanks, thought that might be the case.

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    Default Can the 12 ft Hardy tips be an alternative for Polyleaders ( 14 ft ) ?

    I have a Hardy Zenith 12 ft 6 #7, and I am using polyleaders. I don't like the end tip of the Polyleaders and they have a tendency to lose their external layer (too rapidly). Can the 12 ft Hardy tips be an interesting alternative ? Someone knows if they are heavier than polyleader ?

    Thanks !

    Richard from Canada

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    Richard,the Hardy tips are all 12ft Multi tips so as a consequence heavier than poly leaders.They do however come in two styles,a lighter style at 6g and a std(for Salmon lines) style at 8 g.
    Don't understand your problem with poly tips at all, some of mine have seen use for several consecutive years with no loss of condition.I do suggest a 3mm Riverge leader ring knotted and glued to the business end(for tippet attatchment) which makes longevity of the tip much better and its neater than loop to loop.

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    I bought a Rio SSVT 5wt for the switch rod and the 10ft tips weigh 3.5g. They look like they would make a good polyleader replacement, loops both ends and 30lbs core strength. They are £20+ each to buy on their own, but might be a better long term prospect for some people.
    Iím going to test them on my Guideline/Zpey Compact heads in the 35-37g range instead of polys. Will report back.

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    Default Polyleader problem

    That is an example of a problem with polyleader: the outside layer has loosen, move up on the leader core and twisted ...

    And on this one, the outside layer has separated from the core ... ( possibly the result of a D-loop hitting rocks behind my back ! - but anyway scrapping my polyleader ).
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