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Thread: nextcast lines

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    In the States the Nextcast line prices are in line with all the other lines. The Gaelforce lines here are almost double the domestic lines. Airflow makes lines in both countries so they are more economical in both countries. I'm guessing the big price difference is due to shipping and some sort of tariff or duty between the two countries.

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    I really like the performance of the Nextcast FF70's and FF55's These are my fovorite floating lines when I'm fishing some of our bigger rivers out in the western United States such as the Clearwater. The shortest Nextcast line I've used is the FF45 which was great as well when fishing smaller, tighter waters. I have not had a chance to fish with the shorter floating/sinking combo lines yet, but I have a friend that speaks highly about the Nextcast Coastal model. Here in the states the Nextcast lines are not cheap but not that bad.
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    Is Nextcast too expensive ?
    To my knowledge - many har begun using them and find them better than anything else.
    They are only a bit more expensive that Galeforce and Rio lines.

    I personally think that Nextcast, Rio Versitip and Galeforce multitips are comparable it is more a personal preference.
    Pricewise in DK Nextcast will cost approx. 175 (head + 3 tips) - Guidelines new multihead+3 tips 150 - Rio Versitip 145 - Galeforce 115
    So it seems that they are expensive - and more expensive that the others... I personally think that the 25 they cost more will be okay too me if I want to try them. My wallet keep Galeforce ;-)

    Cost/price is a strange thing...
    I understand why people will pay more to try/use Nextcast lines (which seem to have made a difference to many users !) - but I do not understand
    why people will pay the prices on Tweed ! 700 /day in September on a beat that avg. produce 30/salmon/month - that is 1/day which means 6-7 for the week. So = 2850 for the fishing and if the statistic hold - 3-4 fish to the rod.
    If there are (many) people willing to pay that kind of money (and even much more later on when the catches/rod is higher) I see no problems for Nextcast selling their lines.....


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    Had an original long head Authority full spey line. Used it with a Burkheimer 15'6" rod. I sold both as the outfit was too much for my shoulders and elbows. But Scot Mckenzie tried it and was casting amazing distances. For me with my lack of strength the line was tailing-down - no way could I get it to land properly - the fault was mine. A member here has that line and I hope that he can handle it better than I did!

    Having googled the newer s/h lines I had a zero result for UK sources for Nextcast, though Tim at Tweedside sells Nextcast lines, and may have these heads in stock by now.

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