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    My Shakey Trion broke in the middle section at the joint inexplicably. Never bothered to send it back or try to get a new section.

    it was a good rod before that however!

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    When confidence is lost after a breakage because of quality issues, it will not be the same rod again for casting and fighting a fish, even with a spare part.
    And, at least for me, absolutely not for a travel rod when travelling half around the world and spending a lot more money for fishing on the most expensive places than are the costs for a reliable rod.
    This happened to me with another brand. But with the same effect.

    Itīs different for travelling with the car at home or around in Europe with the possibility for transporting rods with spare parts and the backup of the backup ... But then, the question is, why a 6-piece rod.
    Out of topic: I kiss my 3-piece rods.... with spare parts and backups....
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