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  1. FaughanPurple

    Claret and Ginger

    These Faughan Shrimps and Foxford Shrimps should fill the box gaps for the end of the season
  2. FaughanPurple

    Into the NWest

    I Managed to grab another weekend in the NW just after storm Ellen ripped through. The bad weather, a bit of fate and some mixed comms, meant i got to tick a destination off the bucket list and got to try my hand at Sea Trout and Salmon from a drifting boat. The day started well with a strong...
  3. FaughanPurple


    As sods law would have it, it's not stopped raining since I tyed these up...
  4. FaughanPurple


    Finally got off m'erse and got out Saturday evening for a couple of hours and again Sunday morning... its always good to get a few hours on the river, they're even better when the fish play ball too One for the river and 1 for me 😁
  5. FaughanPurple

    Small Singles selection

    10s and a wee 14 treble
  6. FaughanPurple

    Irish Shrimp selection

    Odd thunderstorm rattling around this week 🤞
  7. FaughanPurple

    Filling up the box

    Squeezing the last few into the crammed box
  8. FaughanPurple

    Winging It

    Few Hair wings for the summer.. Relatively easy to put together but highly addictive when you start... I only meant to do half a dozen☺
  9. FaughanPurple

    3 of A kind

    A mix of a Connemarra Black, Alexandra and the Butcher
  10. FaughanPurple

    Muddled Blue & Silver

    Well having said I was going to copy BillyFish's Teal Blue and Silver, this is my blatant RIP off of his pattern.. with a muddler head..
  11. FaughanPurple

    Calvin's Shrimp

    Hopefully wont wait long to get them wet
  12. FaughanPurple

    Where's Wally

    At least someone is social distancing
  13. FaughanPurple


    Always a few of these tucked away in my box for June onwards
  14. FaughanPurple

    Umba Bronze OG

    Size 12 Code P
  15. FaughanPurple

    Conehead Selection

    14mm SS High Water Tubes.. got the heavies round for the lockdown
  16. FaughanPurple

    The Yellow Shrimp

    A Mellow Sunday morning tyeing this wee lot Now for Roast Beef, blue cheese sauce and a glass of Red 😊
  17. FaughanPurple

    Park Shrimps

    1 1/4" to #15s
  18. FaughanPurple

    Spring T'ings

  19. FaughanPurple

    Charty Parkie & Co

    2 from the Dye pot yesterday
  20. FaughanPurple

    Dyeing to meet You

    Folks, I've had this idea rattling around in my head for a while now... every year I take the dye pots out around now. Dye up a load of materials. A dozen pieces or so. Not many, just enough to pass an afternoon and get some inspiration to tye.. I'll do this 6 times or so between now and...