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  1. fishingtommy

    Not all doom and gloom!

    One from the River Ness Last Week! :):):)
  2. fishingtommy

    Guideline le cie 14ft 8 9/10 m/f line recommendations

    Just bought this rod, being an older model wondering if any of the guys on here can recommend a line that matches well with it. Torn between the rio spey line or the shooting head lines? Any suggestions welcome!
  3. fishingtommy

    First of the Season!

    Finally off the mark this season and quite early for my local river! Landed the first fish I hooked just after 7am. A lovely 7-8lber fresh off the tide with lice still attached! I hooked another 2 fish the same morning 1 throwing the hook after 5 mins and the second breaking me after taking me a...
  4. fishingtommy

    2016 Season Highlights

    As the forum is lacking fishy pictures around this time I thought I would post some of my 2016 season highlights. First wee grilse off my local river! Nice summer Salmon taken on the worm. Another Grilse fallen to the worm. A bar of silver sea liced Grilse from the River A'an A clean fish...
  5. fishingtommy

    Forres angling association reports

    Just wondering if anyone knows how the Forres aa beat of the findhorn has been fishing lately? Might be taking a week on it soon and wondering if it's worth while?
  6. fishingtommy

    First of the season on the local river.

    Finally off the mark this season on my local river, low water but a small size 14 double did the business. :D
  7. fishingtommy

    Eden beat river Deveron

    know there's a few guys helped me out before when I fished the Deveron, looking for some info on the Eden beat, as there is very little around. Thanks
  8. fishingtommy

    Tay Trip!

    we had our annual spring trip to the tay today. Again it was on the lower beat with stobhall and it certainly didn't disappoint :D:D The day started off for myself harling with bob at the top of the beat, although no luck by lunch time it was great to enjoy being on the river hearing bob's...
  9. fishingtommy

    Grantown off the mark!

    I see from the grantown assosation website that the first fresh fish of the season was caught a fresh 7lb fish, well done to its captor and with it being caught weeks earlier than previous hopefully it's a sign of better prospects for the Spey this season :cool:
  10. fishingtommy

    River Teith concession permit

    having just moved to the stirling area I am looking at taking out a season ticket for the Teith or forth on the price page there is an option for a concession ticket although no description of what qualifies as a concession? Hoping some of the forth/ Teith regulars in here can help me out. Thanks
  11. fishingtommy

    What a day on the Tay!

    Fished Stobhall today with my dad and brother had an great day with not much happening in the morning at the top end of the beat after lunch went to the bottom of the beat to the famous linn pool, the ghillie anchored the boat so I could spin the pool from it! almost straight away I had a knock...
  12. fishingtommy

    Allan Water 2014

    Happy new year guys, its about the time of the year again to open another thread for the forthcoming season on the allan! hope you all have a good one! Only bit of info to share for anyone that doesn't know the AGM is on Monday 13th January in the Cathedral Hall in Dunblane at 7:30pm! tightlines!
  13. fishingtommy

    Sonik SK3 double handed 15ft fly rod?

    I have just purchased the about rod and wondered if anyone had ever used it and if so could tell me if its any good? thanks
  14. fishingtommy

    Looking to become a ghillie

    . .
  15. fishingtommy

    anyone else annoyed?

    Is anyone else fed up of threads getting hijacked with the few on the forum who try and turn everything into why the method used be it spinning, worming, shrimp, prawn ect is not the way they should be doing it and why it should be banned!:mad::mad: can people not just let other anglers fish...
  16. fishingtommy

    What a day on the Tay!!!!!!

    what a day we had on the tay today at Taymount! decided that we would try the tay this season as we had read reports on here about how good it was fishing and we were not disappointed:D:D arrived at Taymount for 8:30 ish and got set up, was told by the ghillies con and Mike that the water was up...
  17. fishingtommy

    Grantown off the Mark!

    just read on the grantown assosation website that the first fresh fish was caught today! weighted 13lb and was caught by a John Davis in where else but Tarric Mor and it was on the fly! well done that man :D and good to hear grantowns off the mark nearly 2 weeks earlier than last year:D:D see...
  18. fishingtommy

    staggered opening on rivers?

    Is itright that anglers fish for salmon on some beats of rivers early on for example the upper beats of rivers where the chance of a spring fish is almost non exsistant as the chances are you will just catch kelts and this isnt doing the fish any favours in reaching the sea inorder to return...
  19. fishingtommy

    Favourite time of year to fish?

    We are all aware that catching a springer is the Crème de la crème of salmon fishing and although this is true, standing waist deep in freezing water for very little although i wouldnt change it for anything isnt my favourite time of year to fish for salmon. My favourite time of year to fish for...
  20. fishingtommy

    Allan Water 2013!

    I will take the privilage to start the Allan water thread for this coming season:D lets hope for another good year on the allan and plenty of new members! :D:D:D:D