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  1. PerryPoker

    My PB salmon from last week.

    Well done! 👏
  2. PerryPoker

    Dee Crathie ** I Hope**

    Beautiful! 👌🏻
  3. PerryPoker

    Willie Gun - longtail shrimp style

    Beauty! Really like this pattern. 😎
  4. PerryPoker

    The Ross Macdonald Collection

    Sean Stanton does some very good Artic Runner. Try his web shop You get a good sized piece for your money too.
  5. PerryPoker

    Upper Tweed

    Well done! 🎣🎣
  6. PerryPoker

    Your Biggest Gripe, 1 only

    Doom and gloom merchants! Salmon angling seems to have plenty amongst its ranks.
  7. PerryPoker

    Young lad finally got a fish

    Well done! 👏
  8. PerryPoker

    Tie of the Month - October 2020: What does your willie look like?

    My entry this month is a Willie Gunn PBP. Tube: 3mm Orange glitter tube, 1.8mm orange liner Tail: Yellow & Hot Orange bucktail, 3 yellow tipped Boar bristles and a couple of strands of orange micro flash Butt: Glo brite No.5 Body: Gold ice dub Wing: Black bucktail and 2 strands of pearl micro...
  9. PerryPoker

    Battle of the flees!

    Well done Mows! That’s a belter of a fish. 👏🎣
  10. PerryPoker

    Thank you Dr.p for red letter day

    Well done!
  11. PerryPoker

    Tie of the Month - September 2020: Going round in circles

    I have went for a simple but deadly Red Ally’s this month. A cracking fly for this time of year. 3/4” Aluminium Tube Tag: Silver oval tinsel Tail: Red buck tail & 4 strands of pearl micro flash Rib: Oval silver tinsel Body: Rear half Chinese red floss / Front half black floss Wing: Grey...
  12. PerryPoker

    What would you consider a 'good season'?

    It has been a terrible season on the rivers I fish with little sign of any new fish to come. I’m on 7 for my efforts with at least double that lost! I’ve never known a season like it for losing fish.
  13. PerryPoker

    A selection of shrimps designed by Ally Gowan

    Superb SnapT. Cracking post and lovely fly tying as usual.
  14. PerryPoker

    Attire when fishing.

    I usually always wear a shirt and tie if I’m fishing private beats but never if I’m just fishing my club water.
  15. PerryPoker

    A go at some Mairi Shrimps

    Lovely looking flies Patrick 😎
  16. PerryPoker

    POLL: Tie of the Month: July 2020 'Mostly Afloat?'

    Well done Clydebuilt. Worthy winner
  17. PerryPoker

    A Claret Ghillie?

    I love that JS!! Think I’ll try a few of them myself.
  18. PerryPoker

    When you just know he's not hooked right

    Don’t worry Joe. I’ve never known of so many fish lost as I have this year! I’ve lost a good few myself and I’m currently on a miserable run of dropped fish. Once I get one to stick it’ll all be forgotten!
  19. PerryPoker

    The Ross Macdonald Collection

    Thanks for the kind words folks. Its much appreciated. Credit to Patrick, he came up with a great idea for a thread and I just jumped on the bandwagon so to speak. It's a good way of putting a nice thread together for flies that I use all the time. Hopefully it has inspired a few to try some of...