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    Hardy zephrus 14ft 6in swap

    I have a hardy zephrus 14ft 6in in vgc with bag and tube, and im looking for a swap for the same or very similar in the 13ft 6in size. If any interest i would msg photos of rod and would expect the same. Cheers
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    Lamson litespeed 4 hard alox

    For sale , lamson litespeed 4 hard alox, in good condition. A few scratches around the reel frame side but the spool is A1. It comes in original box, with original neoprene reel pouch and a couple of spare clickers. £120.00 posted to the UK REEL SOLD
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    Shops with a good fly tying materials section

    Now mchardys has closed and there not being anywhere decent around Carlisle anymore for quality fly tying materials, just wondering if anyone can suggest a fishing shop that has a decent fly tying selection. I have heard Glasgow angling has a good selection but ive never been. I don't mind...
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    Airflo rage compact 10/11 660 grain.

    I've a unused airflo rage compact 10/11 660 grain floating shooting head for sale, or swap for 9/10 similar type of floating shooting head in good condition. £27.00 posted
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    15t loop multi 10/11 salmon fly rod £175.00 posted ono

    ive got a loop multi 10/11 15ft salmon fly rod for sale. good conditition and comes with original rod tube and cloth rod bag. water has got under the varnish on one of the eyes but the varnish is sound.
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    sports cameras with video editing.

    I'm looking to purchase another sports camera, the one I have now does not allow video editing, is there any out there that allow video editing. I know the go pro version does put the video quality of the go pro is no better that the one I already own so paying double the price for a go pro for...
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    scandanavian fly lines. 600 grain skagit line

    Scandanavian fly lines 600 grain skagit , used once, just not my cup of tea. £15.00 posted
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    scandanavian fly lines. skagit line

    Has anybody tried these skagits ? Are they any good and what is the memory like in them. For the price they seem very reasonable and At 25 feet the heads are a few feet shorter than the guideline and rio skagits. Cheers.
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    walking boots instead of wading boots

    Needing a new pair of wading boots for this season and looking at the ridiculous prices of some of the named brands it gets me thinking, for half the price you can but a very decent pair of walking boots. I know there not made for wading purposes but minus the drain holes and felt soles can...
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    guideline crosswater wading boots.

    I'm in need of a new pair of wading boots, I notice glasgow angling centre are selling off the guideline crosswater wading boots, does the felt sole version of these boots have glued and stitched felt soles ? Don't fancy a pair that are just glued for the worry of them falling off.
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    inexpensive tube doubles

    Anyone came across these tube doubles ? At 3.50 for ten they can't be up to much , can they ???? Tube Fly Doubles - Black Nickel # 2 | eBay
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    loop multi 15ft, 10/11

    I have a loop multi 15ft 10/11 rod, in good nic I would swap this rod for a decent 14 ft, 4 piece rod if anyones after a good all round 15 footer.
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    15ft loop multi 10/11 fly rod

    The rods in used but good condition,a few scratches here and there,the varnish is cracking round the bottom ring apart from that A1. comes in original rod tube and rod bag. I will email pictures if there's intrest 200.00 posted.
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    turbo shooting heads heard of these heads that fishtec are selling ? Seem like good value, well worth a punt at 15 quid
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    shakespeare oracle xt 13ft

    The above rod for sale, got it last year so only used a dozen times or so, immaculate nik, cloth bag an rod tube. lovely light rod to use, rated 9, I was using the ddc connect 9/10 an it chucked it out for fun, didnt like the handle, to thin for my liking, so ive got the 13'9 scandi version...
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    loop multi 15ft, 10/11

    Ive a 15ft 10/11 loop multi in very good nic, a few scratches on the ferrules and on the reel seat, but otherwise sound, original rod tube and cloth bag, I was gonna keep it as a spare but its to good a rod to be stuck in the cupboard. 200.00 quid plus p&p. if anyones intrested il take some...
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    Line clearout

    Selling for a friend, various fly lines. lee wolf triangle taper orange, floating 8/9,,, 15.00 (boxed) rio windcutter intermediate, 9/10/11,, 20.00 cortland precision pike, floater WF 9 unused,, 15.00 (boxed) guideline tricast floater WF 10,, 15.00 (boxed) 2 cortland DT 10...
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    15 ft shakespeare oracle iii

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    G.A.C Sale

    i got the spring catalogue today from G.A.C and they are selling there power taper shooting heads off for 20.00 each ;) pretty good price. also the bill drury spey lines 30.00 for the spey lines and 60.00 for the multi tips. SPENCER are you reading this ;)