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  1. ameliasdaddy


    Rods/Reels/Lines Really need to have a clear out, as much as I love this gear it never sees daylight so here goes, prices to UK include P&P. Century Stealth 12’9” #9/10/11 Excellent condition £180 Hardy Angel II 9’#7 well used but decent condition £100 Pfleuger trion reel #10-12 well used...
  2. ameliasdaddy


    My brother's 3 year old yellow lab bitch has developed house training issues recently. She had never before messed in the house but recently it has become a daily ocuurence or should I say nightly as she only does it through night. She is well excercised and exceptionally friendly and good with...
  3. ameliasdaddy

    Replacment tip ring

    Anyone point me in the direction where I could have a tip ring replaced on a hardy Marksman spinning rod, don't fancy attempting it myself. Cheers Matty
  4. ameliasdaddy

    Cumbrian derwent

    Returned this chunky hen fish today, surprised she only went 10 lb would have guessed her at 12-13 lb, the guy that netted her thought 14. Still good fun though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ameliasdaddy

    Season opener

    Well I wasn't meant to fish today, planning to start tomorrow but decided to have a sneaky hour blowing off the casting cobwebs, 15 minutes in and this got hold of a very girly looking pink conehead tube. Never broke my season duck as soon into my first trip so well pleased. Sent from my...
  6. ameliasdaddy

    Uv straggle Frances type thingymajig

    Here's a wee bit of a prototype I came up with tied on a brass bottle tube Feelers, yellow boar bristle Tail ( if that's what it's called) orange arctic fox Rear hackle, orange gp breast feather Body, orange uv straggle. Quite like how it turned out, never fished these flies much, but it will...
  7. ameliasdaddy

    End of season

    Well the end of the season is approaching fast and my mind will be turning to the new season tying project, to do this I need to clear my box out. Ill offer the contents of my box, free of charge to a fellow member on here. Naturally I'd like it to go to someone genuinely in need of it, i.e a...
  8. ameliasdaddy

    Salmon rods

    Ok its all the fault of my new Century Stealth, but Im after a total clearout of all my other salmon fly rods, as I just dont need them. My aim is to stop being such a tackle tart. Loop evotec 11'6 #7, I'll throw in the airflo skagit switch line I use with this rod. £150 plus £5 towards postage...
  9. ameliasdaddy

    took a little longer than Id hoped

    This season I got the chance of association membership as an outside rod on the Cumbrian Derwent at Cockermouth, bit of a punt some might say as plenty will tell you it's a river in decline and 4 years after the massive floods, plenty have told me it would be a year to forget. However membership...
  10. ameliasdaddy

    Enigma EMG 3 9' 6" #7

    Selling this powerfull single hander, rated a #7 but i prefer it with an #8 line. Very good condition. £100 posted
  11. ameliasdaddy

    Hardy Marksman

    Hardy marksman specimen avon smuggler 11'6" Fantastic worming/shrimping tool. Designed primarily as a river barbel rod but I took a punt on using it as a salmon bait rod and was not disappopinted. I'm selling it because I no longer fish the river I bought it to use on and its just to good to...
  12. ameliasdaddy

    Bit of a mixture

    Here's a wee selection I've done recently.
  13. ameliasdaddy


    Tied these a few weeks back, photobucket has been really un co-operative with me lately so hope these show up.
  14. ameliasdaddy

    Tay advice

    Ive finally got round to doing it and booked my first trip to the Tay, newtyle beat. I carry a fair selection of the usual flies in different sizes and tubes, yellow, orange and black being the predominant colour theme in my boxes, are there any local patterns I should be looking to tie up? As...
  15. ameliasdaddy

    Fathers day

    I m in the middle of a wee project as a favour for someone at work. She was mulling over a fathers day gift for her dad and I volunteered to tie a box of flies for him, so I sent her to John Norris to get some hooks and a box. This is the first half ready
  16. ameliasdaddy

    First go at irish shrimps

    After admiring they tying in this section for some time, decided to have a go. I added a variation with the introduction of a few boar bristles, I was happy with my first shot anyway but critique welcome....
  17. ameliasdaddy

    Little box

    Finally got round to completing my box of smaller flies.
  18. ameliasdaddy

    Teaching a child

    Yyyyeeessss It's happened, without any encouragement, my 6 year old daughter has asked if I'll learn her to fly fish so she can come with me. So the shopping begins, any recommendations on a rod size to teach a small girl? I was thinking 6 -7 foot 3 weight??
  19. ameliasdaddy

    This years additions part deux

    Thats my big box completed, about to start on the smaller box now.
  20. ameliasdaddy

    This years additions

    Been putting a new collection together lately which is about half done. Decided to use doubles for a change as in the past my salmon flies have been predominantly tied on trebles. Bet you can't guess what my favourite colour combination is, but the other side will be out of my comfort...