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    Green Highlander

    Keep goin back to tying this ane
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    Black Doctor

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    Another freestyle

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    Another freestyle 2/0
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    The Rome Croy

    Freestyle pattern on a hook reworked by Gary Weir,Named it after beat on the Tay
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    Tied this for a pal hes called it a Mackenzie , hope its not direct copy of another pattern
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    The Radcliffe

    Radcliffe size 2/0
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    Oscar Wilde

    Size 1/0
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    Some speys for fly box
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    Blue Doctor

    Blue Doctor for the flybox
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    Claret and Blue Wasps

    Couple of auld Tay flees
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    The Smith

    Tying up auld Tay patterns for a frame
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    The Lion

    Starting a wee project for a frame tying auld Tay classics
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    Sunburst Akroyd variant and Beauly Snow Fly

    Couple of flees from tonite
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    Couple of flees

    Brora and The Tartan
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    Childers 4/0
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    Stevenson variant
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    Mar Lodge

    Mar Lodge 1/0
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    Green Highlander

    Ma favourite classic