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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    The irish section of this forum has really dropped off in the last few years ..very little in the way off reports and news there anyway we can make it any better ...we have little to no reports or stories coming from irish rivers and loughs ,and no imput from sea trout fishermen in ireland...
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    The munster blackwater

    Any reports from the munster Blackwater...looks like plenty of thunder showers over the catchment ...what days are the nets on the estuary this year ....and what is the end date ..
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    Chemotherapy and fishing advice

    Hi all..I was not sure if I would put up this post as I know you are under the microscope in doing so pun...I am not looking for sympathy etc etc...but what I am interested in is what advice or tips people can give me in regards to chemo and fishing..and can I forget completely the rest of...
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    Ifi what's going on

    Can someone explain what's going on in the ifi at the minute... the jungle drums are banging loud...I hear there is an interesting article in the one of the provincial papers today, anyone know which one ... on stream improvements funding ..also.opw and drainage schemes and rumours of licence...
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    Rte 1 tonight

    I believe on eco eye tonight at 7pm on rte 1 there is a section on salmon on the river nore for anyone interested..
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    Where to fish this weekend

    Is there any river fishing well at the minute ..haven't had a cast in weeks .
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    What do you think.

    Caught this fresh 2lber from a tidal pool...but when I got it home I noticed first the mark and secondly it's raggedy tail .any ideas what may have caused both...I have my own theory but would like some feed back...and would you eat the same fish...
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    With the long cold winter may fly hatches have been slow this year...was on the corrib the last two days...the first day we pulled wets ..and today a few may fly appeared. .and we had a few trout on the dap ...the best was 3 1/2 lb...should start fishing better over the next week our two...
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    Diawa whisker spin bait

    My favourite spinning/bait rod ( Diawa whisker spin/bait 12ft 10-50grm ws98-12) is on its last's a fab rod and was made in Scotland....I just love fishing with it....but the time has come to replace I right in thinking you can no longer buy this rod in 12ft even in the newer...
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    Salmon Lough fishing

    Lads i am Looking for some advice on fly selection for spring salmon loughs .... I have limited experience on the loughs for salmon and would love to know what's your favourite flies. ..and treble or single hooks ...I have my favourites for river fishing...but when I go Lough fishing I don't...
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    Autumn salmon

    Just wondering how is the September salmon run shaping up around the country so far.....????? Any decent runs arriving yet.....
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    West of Ireland sea trout loughs

    I was just flicking through peter o Reilly loughs of Ireland 1998 edition and reading through the west of Ireland section..which is packed with famous sea trout fisheries you never hear about any more....what is the state of these fisheries now....are any of them fishing well for sea trout and...
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    The traditional salmon nets men association

    Any one heard of this group? keep an eye out for these guys... They are trying to secure funding to open up a fishery in the Waterford estuary..nore suir and barrow....they recently had a large meeting of traditional salmon net fishermen in the ferrycarrig sports complex in I am...
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    where to fish this weekend

    lads i am looking for ideas for the weekend of where to fish ....the family are away for a few days so i have free time to myself....can be lough or river..... if anyone needs an extra in a boat send me a pm will share costs...otherwise a river will be fine .... looking to fish somewhere decent...
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    gopro hero3 white

    hi .i have a go pro hero 3 white camera for sale ...its got wifi so you can view it remote from your smart phone or tablet ..and stop start it remotely..its got a waterproof housing 60m can shoot bursts of photos can freeze frame video to make pictures ...and create your own...
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    craghoppers insect repellant cargo trousers

    hi i have two pairs of craghoppers nosilife cargo trousers for sale.i bought them new last summer pair was never worn and the second pair maybe two times... these are a light weight trousers that dry quickly and stay cool ,and are permantenly insect repellant so no more bites and have a...
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    The nore is in fine order with the rain that fell on's around .68 at brownsbarn bridge...nice soft colour on the out this afternoon and on my fourth cast I hooked and lost a big pig of a fish ...I was hand lining in a few yards to make a cast when my draw was abruptly...
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    Wader boot recommendations

    Just wondering what felt sole wader boots to buy that will actually last a few seasons and not fall apart...the quality of wader boots is seriously appalling. .my last 3 pairs were made of pure rubbish...and I would appreciate some feed back on the sizes people buy to match with the waders...
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    Lough salmon fishing.

    Just wondering what set up you are using for spring salmon on Irish loughs..rod lengths, lines flies etc........I have a 10ft 8 weight with floating line and a wf line will this suffice for springers. ...
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    Salmon licence online

    Hi .I am just wondering how long people have to wait to get there licence if they buy it online. .one of my friends is waiting about 10 days now...can he fish while he is waiting...and what does he do to get more tags later in the season...can he get them in the local angling shop....?????..