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    Rio Scandi Short VersiTip Kit 8#

    Looking for the above line if anyone is willing to part with one? Cheers Steve
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    Hampshire Avon

    Afternoon All, Having lived in the South of England for 4 years now I am looking to try some new salmon venues. I have always headed 'home' and fished more often than not the River Tay. I wouldn't mind giving the Hampshire Avon a go but not sure where to start. Where would the recommendations...
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    Recommendations for Backing Line

    I realise this has probably been covered a good few times but what would recommendations be for backing line? Also typically how much would you look to put on a spool? Would this differ for the line being used?
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    Recommendations on Tackle Bags

    Morning All, Having accumulated more and more reels, fly and lure boxes, as well as all the other tackle we carry in general on a days fishing I now need to get myself a new tackle bag with a fair amount of storage in it although not too big that it weighs me down wherever i go. Don't want to...
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    Newtyle Beat on the Fly

    Fishing Newtyle beat tomorrow, anyone recommendations on pools and flies etc? looking like the water is still pretty low, but fresh water on its way!
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    Kercock on the Fly

    Hi, My mate and I are planning a visit to Kercock last weekend in September. Does anyone have any recommendations on flies, lines, tactics etc? We visited earlier in the year and it looked great and unfortunately didnt catch but have heard September is the month to go. Any advice would be...