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    What would you have done?

    Sometimes the fly or the line etc disturb the fish in a lie and they move and circle around but are not chasing the fly..what you need to watch for is there mouths opening and closing .and a left and right body movement flashing ther flanks ..that's the movement that gets me going when I am spot...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Autumn run was bad for me on the nore fish and one hooked and lost ....seen a few fish on facebook sites being called fresh autumn fish .but they looked like crocodiles...had a good may June july but my catches fell of a cliff then .....
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    Do you eat the fish you catch?

    I do eat some of the fish I catch ....and absolutely love the process of catching ,gutting and fileting my catch and then cooking it ...i have my favourites ..lough corrib trout are fantastic...then sea trout ,and I am not so keen on salmon....used to stay and fish beside lough currane and I...
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    Exceptional runs of fish in Ireland

    Exceptional rain during the grilse run...exceptional marketing of empty fisheries trying to fill rods on the river bank ...anglers with extra time on there hands to go fishing ...
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    Nore River

    Great water on the nore today...fished for two hours .fished a pool twice with the fly and then on the third time I took out the spinning rod and had a brief hand shake with a nice fish .......that's single hooks for you ...I fished another pool and witnessed one of the biggest fish I have ever...
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    Irish salmon holiday advice

    September? The great september runs are gone ....forget about it ...some lads are calling stale summer fish that move after a flood in september a run of fish ...the September's rivers stocks collapsed a few years back and never recovered .....and rivers already mentioned on this thread dont...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Had a fish on the Blackwater about 3lb...not as many fish showing this little fellow ....pigmy shrew...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Was on the Blackwater today ...nice colour on it .and fresh fishing showing all day ....seen 3 fish landed ..all fresh grilse ...
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    Lough Currance Trip 2020 or 2021

    The only way the fish farm s will be stopped is when you turn public opinion against eating farmed salmon and wild salmon....there are signs of people starting to sit up and realise the damage they are causing outside of fishermen circles...the older generation could not give a fiddlers.. and...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Great reports lads ..nice to hear the river ,the tactics of what lines ,flies ,lures etc you are using ...keep the reports coming ...I was out today on the nore for an hour today and found this guy was well eaten ....and great to see the ifi doing a patrol on the estuary...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Hi p..that's nice fishing ...what methods are you using ...would you know who runs scraiff beat above ballyhooly bridge ...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    Great fishing ian.erriff valley is fab and not to far from klymore either..was it in spate.your in the catch zone now . the moy is special too..when you find the areas away from the canal sections your on fantastic water ..I am fishing it since the 90s and still finding gems on it. ..keep the...
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    salmon & sea trout reports,tactics & news

    The irish section of this forum has really dropped off in the last few years ..very little in the way off reports and news there anyway we can make it any better ...we have little to no reports or stories coming from irish rivers and loughs ,and no imput from sea trout fishermen in ireland...
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    Why do most people on this board think fishing is dying ,and we need an influx of youngsters?

    There are no kids with fishing rods on the river bank anymore ...15 -20 years ago loads of kids spent there summer holidays trout fishing in my club... none....they were not salmon fishing so we cant blame lack of fish ..its to do with the parents and there kids with there heads stuck in...
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    coincidence or an explanation?

    I have more time to fish because of covid..and my catch is up ..its up because I am fishing more ...less distractions and more time fishing .....
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    Covid -19 distribution in B&B's , hotels and self catering cottages etc.

    Think about this ... ...some staff are paid by the amount of rooms they clean and not by the hour .so would you deep clean a room if your not paid by the hour....
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    The munster blackwater

    That's good that gairhia beat..any fresh water with the thunder storms
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    The munster blackwater

    Any reports from the munster Blackwater...looks like plenty of thunder showers over the catchment ...what days are the nets on the estuary this year ....and what is the end date ..
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    Slaney 2020

    Hi Ian did you ever try the boro ..lovely sea trout river ...especially after a drop of rain...dont over look the sew trout of the slaney system ..they are fantastic sport ...give me sea trout any day over other fish ..
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    Slaney 2020

    Not upset in the slightest...I have been a member of many a syndicate on the slaney over the years so I am well aware of the situation and well used to fishing its smaller sea trout rivers...I used to fish a beat that an irish bank used to hold a rod for its clients on and was rarely used...