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  1. Cack-Handed

    Seal IN Cambridgeshire!

    Saw this on the web today.:confused::confused: Seal Swims Miles Inland Through Flood Waters - Yahoo! News UK C-H
  2. Cack-Handed

    Road rage african style

    This person tried to pass an Elephant-bad idea!
  3. Cack-Handed

    Yorks of Norfolk

    Hello. Is the 20 inch Yorks of Norfolk Gye net any good as it a very good price online. Many thank's C-H
  4. Cack-Handed

    Hardy tackle, auction, morpeth

    Hello. Auction at Morpeth, Northumberland on the 26th November 20011 @ 9:30 To include almost 200 items of Hardy tackle. Try this link below Welcome to Louis Johnson Estate Agents C-H
  5. Cack-Handed

    Warning-bogus calls from microsoft !!!

    Hello. Please be aware of a fairly new scam. It starts of with a phone call from an Indian sounding person claiming to calling on behalf of Microsoft saying that your computer is infected. they then tell you to look in the event viewer where you will see warnings. they then tell you to go to a...
  6. Cack-Handed

    Anchor in wrong place

    Hello to all. This is the result :eek::eek::eek: C-H
  7. Cack-Handed

    Great service from yga

    Hello. I ordered some Partridge BMD from Yorkshire Game Angling on Monday afternoon and they arrived on Tuesday lunchtime, also they did not charge for P&P. That's what i call good service!! PS. I am in now way connected to this company and they were the cheapest. C-H
  8. Cack-Handed

    My First

    Hello to everyone. Got my first salmon to the fly today, not a springer, one of last years spawners. Still i am chuffed:):):). C-H
  9. Cack-Handed

    Was it a Springer

    Hello to everyone. Was out fishing on the Tyne yesterday, Fed waters, RH bank. I was sweeping my line upstream for the first part of the double spey when a salmon launched itself out of the water towards my fly, i was so startled that i forgot what I was doing and then this salmon launched...
  10. Cack-Handed

    Dashador Pups

    Hello to all. For sale, location mid Northumberland. Dashador (kc reg labrador/ kc reg longhaired minature dachshund) 7 weeks old, wormed, black bitches and dogs very loving good homes only Tel: 07039 521 425
  11. Cack-Handed

    Changing the Season

    Hello. Could we have a poll of the members to see if they would rather have the seasons end put back until the end of November, and not start until March on the English rivers. My reasons for this poll are that there are a lot more fish entering the rivers in November compared to Febuary. If...
  12. Cack-Handed

    Vision Koma fly reels

    Hello again. Any views on the above mentioned reels. Cheers. C-H
  13. Cack-Handed

    Fly Reel Greys GRXi +

    Hello. What is the opinion of the members about this new reel from Greys. Cheers. C-H
  14. Cack-Handed


    Hello. Why was my posting on the Tyne 2009 section deleted today:confused::confused::confused: C-H
  15. Cack-Handed

    Salar Hooks

    Hello. As I have not tied on a Salar double can somebody tell me what size they are in relationship to ordinary LW salmon doubles. Many thanks. C-H
  16. Cack-Handed

    Airflo XT Multi Tip Spey Long 9/10 Floating Fly Line

    Hello to Everyone. Are these lines any good ? and more to the point would a novice spey caster "ME" be able to handle them with a 15ft rod:confused::confused: Cheers. C-H
  17. Cack-Handed

    A Big Big Thank you

    Hello to everyone. Just a few words to say a huge thank you to "tyney tone" for the guided tour he gave me today of the Fed Waters on the Tyne. Once again Many thanks C-H
  18. Cack-Handed

    Parking at Wylam

    Hello. Where is a good place to park at or near Wylam if i want to fish or just go for a walk along the bottom end of the "Fed waters" Cheers. C-H
  19. Cack-Handed

    Shakespeare Invicta

    Hello. Are these rods any good? I am on a limited budget so i cant go for the more expensive rods. C-H
  20. Cack-Handed

    Website looks Strange

    Hello. Has any noticed that the advertising banners are all out of place, or is it just my computer :confused::confused::confused: C-H