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    Deveron 2020

    Mike barrios water was pretty and had some nice fish !Mind that was 8or so years ago
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    Petition to stop sewage discharge into our rivers.

    Just beeen through my email adress book and asked for some 80 to sign up!
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    Touch of Purple flamethrowers

    you are spot on there,my fly boxes have a plethora of silkcut varient on all kind of hookstubes ect.
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    Anyone seen their first Swallow yet?

    Not seen the local swifts for some ten days or so,at least until yesterday afternoon when there wer 5 or 6 flying very high ,suprising as there was intermitent showers and rumbles of thunder!
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    Eco Warriors - Banning Meat at Enfield Council

    Veganish thoughts have consquences.remember that office space company Wework,my ex company did food for them ,all had to be nonmeat.3 summers ago they had a huge festival ,where we catered for some low thousands ,strangely the fish option was the most popular. wework went down the pan sometime...
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    Best modern salmon fishing book recommendations

    Must agree,also the francis grant book is not an easy read,and i beleive now rather expensive ,whereas the falkus book is very reasonably priced.
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    Fashion in salmon flies

    90% of the time I fish my silk cut shrimp,worked then works now. My son is also confident in them. dressed many sizes and on tubes bottles ,singles and doubles,the X2Bs no longer get an outing ,a female dog to dress and unhook!
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    One Rod Test

    My go too rod is a sage fli 14 ft,got it when they were being discontinued at a very favoable price find it does me on the spey <Wye,and Bonar bridge carron and the town water matched with a system 11 and a snowbee 2d sink tip or a set of heads on a purple/black speyco reel thatmatches my silk...
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    Maxcatch Classic Reel

    On the fff sister forum there is a maxcatch thred ,worth asking there ,your logi from here workd exactly the same !
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    Donald Rump

    looks like a sirloin ,but cant be !
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    Gledfeild Carron

    Just back from a week on the gledfeild beat of the bonar bridge carron. Monday am river was somewhere in the - range on the guage by the bridge ,so shirt sleeves and the light switch rod ,wee flys ,after lunch pottered in my usual snails pace (bu**ered lungs and leg)up to my favorite pool the...
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    ABU 5500c mag elite

    Just having a clear out and found this ABU 5500C mag elite ,must have been sitting in a tackle bag for 15 years used a few time ,but looks like new £55.00 including UK postage
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    Marine Harvest going to court

    A little ray of hope for some ,this was in the emails this morning. Hello All We are one step closer to applying the laws of Canada to salmon farming! It was a pivotal day in court. Although it is only one more step towards enforcing the laws of Canada on fish farmers, it was essential if we...
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    I work here,sadly day shift

    I might have stayed for this had I not been in Turriff:eek: YouTube - Hot Fuel Girls at CLUB W Oh well always the next one and its dancers auditions today:):D:D
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    London to Deveron

    Having sat in several jams on the M4 yesterday and thinking a touch ahead. I am driving from Cricklewood to Turriff sunday ,big question where are the jam spots and what would be the quickest route. So where are the B****** road works ,was a long road home last night! __________________HELP...
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    Wye 2009

    Not been over as much as i would like this season ,the new club has me on 6 days a week,and weather and the car on a go slow has conspired against me. planning on a couple of sundays on the river,I know the river will be fishable only upper reaches for the next few days,and when is this rain due...
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    Good service

    Just a swift mention ,spoke to Frank at Turriff tackle and trophies saturday tuesday I got my new Ace shooting head ,good rapid service and advice ! talk to him when you want something he does sponsor our site here !
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    RWGA new site the link should take you to the new site for the River Wye Ghillies Association. The previous site crashed and lost much of its info some time this autumn !
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    8 rated 14 footer

    I need /want /desire :rolleyes: a14 footer rated #8 seems all there is about in sensibly priced is an entry level sage ,any one got a under £300 suggestion !