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  1. Finglas

    What line for a 13ft 6 hardy zenith...

    I have a 13ft 6 hardy zenith. I currently use a weight 7/8 hardy mach line (50 odd ft head I think) and I normally get on well with it. However, I've noticed when the water is up a little and I want to use a fast sink tip and a copper tube it does seem to struggle a little. Perhaps it's just my...
  2. Finglas

    Fly fishing depth

    Hi all, I've fished for salmon for a number of years now but I've not caught all that many fish and so still consider myself a rookie! Lately I have been wondering about the depth of fly i am fishing. Normally I'll use a floating line with either a slow or fast sinking poly tip and then...
  3. Finglas

    Reliable no nonsense trout reel, recommendations please

    Hi all just looking for some fly reel recommendations. I have used a hardy cascapedia for a few years now - a korean made model! I have had nothing but trouble with it and it's been back to hardy a few times. So it's time for it to go and I'd like to replace it with something that is solid and...
  4. Finglas

    Fishing holiday in Scotland this August, any suggestions?

    Hi everyone, for the past few years I have posted on here asking for advice about fishing holiday destinations. I have had absolutely excellent advice and it has really helped both me and my dad over the years. Obviously circumstances are a little more challenging this year but we are looking...
  5. Finglas

    Trout rod recommendation

    Hi everyone, I am just looking for some recommendations. I am thinking of getting a new trout rod for the coming season; usual story, salmon slowdown and doing a little more trout fishing. For years I have used a 10ft weight 6 hardy angel 2 as an all-rounder. I fish reservoirs both boat and...
  6. Finglas

    advice on what laptop..

    Hi Everyone, Plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum so although it's not strictly salmon fishing related I thought i would post on here and see if anyone has any advice for someone like myself who is not so tech savvy. Essentially I am looking for a half decent laptop. The main reasons I...
  7. Finglas

    Cocker spaniel advice

    Hi everyone, Think its just about my first time posting in this sub-forum. We have been thinking of getting a dog for some time now and recently we have been considering getting a wee cocker. There will often be someone about the house and we can get a dog walker if necessary but im hoping...
  8. Finglas

    Best action camera for fishing advice

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an action camera for fishing. I like the idea of catching that moment of the take. Anyway, i am hoping to get something fairly good quality. I have had a cheap "knock off" go pro but it just didnt film particularly well. So what camera would you recommend? I was...
  9. Finglas

    Upper Clyde trout fishing advice?

    Hi all, Just looking for a quick bit of advice. Me and my dad are thinking of doing a bit if trout fishing on the clyde this weekend. I thought i would post on here and see if anyone could give me any advice? Is it worth trying for the brown trout at this time of year on the clyde? I'm...
  10. Finglas

    Intermediate line recommendation?

    Hi all, Im looking to get a new intermediate line for a weight 6 angel 2 rod. Just wondering what intermediate line others use and what they would recommend? I use a cortland 444 floater an have for years. Always got on well with it. The inter 444 is blue, would a fairly bold line colour put...
  11. Finglas

    Apple tree scion wood?

    Hi everyone, Well off the topic of salmon fishing this one but i guess that's what the lounge is for... Anyway, im eager to try grafting my own fruit trees. I have ordered the rootstalks online but i need to get a hold of some scion wood. Im just wondering if anyone on the forum might know...
  12. Finglas

    Lewis/Harris fishing advice

    Hi everyone, My Dad and I are considering a holiday to Lewis/Harris. We are looking to do both trout and salmon fishing, if possible. I have the idea in my head of salmon fishing in the lochs from a boat like in the old paul young videos. We would also try some fly fishing in the sea for sea...
  13. Finglas

    mk2 cascapedia trout reel internals

    Hi everyone, I have a 5/6/7 mk2 cascapedia reel. Been having issues with it, essentially when i tighten up the screws on the face the drum and handle no longer turn. No idea what the issue is so iv taken it apart a few times. Once last year and once this year. However, now I cant get the...
  14. Finglas

    camping/trout fishing in Assynt

    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice. I am thinking about camping in the Assynt area for a few days perhaps end of this month or into July. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on lochs to fish. I like the idea of fishing really remote so hoping there wouldn't be a problem getting a...
  15. Finglas

    Does Anyone Know Anything about Kype Reservoir Strathaven

    Hi everyone, just a quick question reservoir mentioned above. Think its just outside Strathaven, Scotland. Anyway fished it for years from about age 4 or 5 up to a few years ago. Seen some stuff online about the club getting into financial difficulty and potentially having to fold. Can't find...
  16. Finglas

    name the pool/river

    Hi folks, as above. Not even sure of the name of the pool myself but id say if you can get the river you'll be doing well. couple of sea trout caught here too...
  17. Finglas

    preparing grey squirrel tails

    Hi everyone, Just looking for a bit of advice. If i was to get a hold of some grey squirrels, would the tail be useable for squirrel hair in the wings of all the flies we know? If so, what would be the best way of going about preparing them? would appreciate any advice, thanks Jamie
  18. Finglas

    Fish from yesterday

    Hi folks, Just thought id post this pic since its always nice to see some fishy pictures on here. Not the best of photos but sure you can appreciate the difficulty of being yourself, being careful with the fish and trying to get a quick pic. Cheers, Jamie And wee sea trout
  19. Finglas

    few pics from early morning

    Was sea trout fishing and stayed late fishing as the sun started to rise. No sea trout but got a few brown trout round about the 2lb mark. Got a pic of one of them. edit : top pic taken at 0430 and bottom pic at 0530
  20. Finglas

    salt water sea trout tactics

    Hi everyone, just posting in the hope i could maybe get a little advice. I have tried for sea trout in the estuarys and in other parts of the sea, around islay etc. Anyway, I haven't had much success and I am wondering if perhaps anyone could give me some advice on tactics. I have mainly been...