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    Old msg/conversation

    How do you delete old msg/conversations , from your inbox please
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    Padlock symbol

    What the wee padlock symbol mean at the far right on the wanted thread
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    10ft , 7# trout rod

    Thinking of getting a rod for trout fishing and maybe low water rivers , I m thinking 10' , 7# as already have lines that would suit that speck. Anyone have anything they no longer use and looking to sell. Thanks Ian
  4. glenelg100

    Keithick streams

    Myself and my fishing mate are going to Keithick Streams next Saturday, anyone been on this beat , any advice and reports more than welcome as never been before nor do I actually know where it is. Thanks Ian
  5. glenelg100

    Propeller fly tubes

    Any one know where I can get these, I have some but only in a smallish size, so looking for the in larger size as the hook eye split's the ones I have, Thanks ian
  6. glenelg100

    Spey line for a single handed rod,

    Looking to get a line for my 10’ 7# greys GRXI+ bought it a couple of years ago for trout fishing, but used it twice so thinking put a shooting head on it or Speyline and use it for low water salmon fishing. Any suggestions or offers would be appreciated. Thanks Ian.
  7. glenelg100

    Sunday lines

    Sunray lines Seen these lines advertised on facebook has anyone used these and if so what’s your thoughts please, I was thinking of one for a 10’ trout rod I have, Thanks Ian
  8. glenelg100

    Gye Net

    Wychwood 24” gye net with extending handle and carry strap, it has a few scratches etc , but overall in vg condition. Would most likely need to meet up as not really suitable for posting. Looking for £35.00 NET SOLD
  9. glenelg100

    River awe

    I have a rod free for Tuesday 24/09/2019,( Anderson’s ) my m8 has had to cancel due to work commitments, if you are interested please give me a msg. Thanks Ian
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    How do I get my format back to the classic style Thankyou
  11. glenelg100

    Rio scandi

    Rio Scandi shooting head, salmon orange colour, 42gram, 640grain, 11#, the line is in vg condition, spooled and in original box. £25.00 posted Line now SOLD, thanks for looking
  12. glenelg100

    River Orchy

    Thinking of giving the Orchy a try, what are the better beats to try. IE, there are Dalmally 1.2 & 3. Of these which beat would you guys try? . Also any other contacts other than the usual fish pal ones would be very helpful.
  13. glenelg100

    Rio scandi

    Rio Scandi, Shooting Head Floater ( salmon Orange ), 42gram, 640gr, 11#, comes spooled and boxed, in vg condition. £25.00 posted.
  14. glenelg100

    Greys xf2 t 13’

    Looking to sell my GREYS XF2 T, 13’ , 8#, 4 pce. The rod is in very good condition and comes in a triangular tube. It has not had much use as it was a spare rod, hence the sale. Looking for £100 plus any postage cost. If it’s sold within a reasonable distance, I don’t mind meeting up at no...
  15. glenelg100

    River eany

    Quite a few years ago, I fished on this little river, it was near Frosses, just wondering if it is worth giving it a go nowadays.
  16. glenelg100

    Fly reel 9/10

    Looking for a fly reel that will take a 9/10 line with the backing. I think I would prefer a casette reel as I would have a few lines for it, but not a must. It must be in good condition, so if any of you guys have something, please pm me. I could possibly do a swap of a Grey's XF2,T 13' , if...
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    I have a Samsung S6 vg condition , charger, earphones, with box, screen protector. On Vodafone, the phone has been covered with cover and a screen protector all the time I have had it. £90 plus postage please NOW NOT FOR SALE, NEW PHONE HAS PACKED UP
  18. glenelg100

    Xf2 t. 13'

    I have a 13' , 8# ,4pce 13' ,XF2 T, rod in very good condition with triangular tube. Looking to swap for something of similar value in the salmon fishing world. Thank you Ian
  19. glenelg100

    Rod and reel

    DIAWA WHISKER SPIN, SPINNING ROD, 11’ , 2 pce 10-60g, with rod bag. SHIMANO SUPER BAITRUNNER 5000XTEA, WITH TWO SPOOLS WITH ORIGINAL BOX. SPOOL 1 ( Power braid Pro £20+ ) SPOOL 2 ( maxima chameleon ) BOTH ITEMS ARE IN VG CONDITION, SOME SLIGHT GRAVEL MARKS . would prefer to meet if possible...
  20. glenelg100

    Greys gx900

    Looking for a spare spool for a GX900 , 8/9/10. If anyone has one they don’t require and willing to sell. Thanks Ian