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  1. Method man

    Loop evotec G4 spare spool

    Looking for a spare spool for a loop evotec g4 #7/9 in blue must be at least vgc please pm any offers thanks
  2. Method man

    Shimano baitrunner aero 8000RE (SOLD)

    I have this reel for sale, used but VGC This is the limited edition & is in perfect working order with spare spool. SOLD
  3. Method man

    Hardy Mach lines (SOLD)

    Hardy Mach float 55ft # 9/10 Spooled, test cast, VGC Hardy Mach intermediate 55ft #9/10 Not on original spool, VGC £25 each posted in the uk OR £45 for both posted in the uk
  4. Method man

    Hardy Mach inter #9/10 55ft (SOLD)

    Hardy Mach intermediate #9/10 55ft Not on original spool but in excellent condition SOLD
  5. Method man

    Loop cross ST 11’ #7

    Just wondering what you guys are using on this rod? I have no need for any sort of distance as it’s more about presentation....... I like the barrio lines but Interested to hear what others opinions are? MM
  6. Method man

    Airflo rage

    Brand new airflo rage compact float unused in snap lock pocket Length 32ft/9.8m 660 grains *SOLD*
  7. Method man

    On this day.......

    I’m sure everyone will be in the same position as me due to covid-19. The cabin fever, the boredom & the long days contemplating, “what if? “ Along with, “I bet the rivers stuffed with springers, eager & willing to take anything put in front of them.” Unfortunately we’ll never know Anyway, as...
  8. Method man

    Snowbee waistcoat

    Snowbee superlight fly vest size large Worn once, as new condition, loads of good sized zipper pockets, pocket patch for fly storage & stretchy key ring type attachment, two tone grey in colour. I can’t post pics in the classifieds thread for some reason but will send via email if requested...
  9. Method man

    14’ #9/10 outfit

    I have a great wee set up which I have no need for. The rod & reel are in perfect condition, the line has been used but in good condition So easy to fish with. 14’ Shakespeare Invicta Spey rod #9/10 3 piece (immaculate) Airflo airtech 9/11 reel (immaculate) Rio windcutter 9/10/11 float (used...
  10. Method man

    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 Kit

    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required *SOLD*
  11. Method man

    Spey spring fishing

    No longer available. Thanks for all enquiries
  12. Method man

    Gaelforce ESH

    Gaelforce ESH #11 42g floating head As new condition *SOLD*
  13. Method man

    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 kit

    Brand new, still boxed, never taken off spool with tips & tip wallet. Bought but not required SOLD
  14. Method man

    Allan Water 2020

    Looking forward to another good year on the Allan. 2019 was a far more successful season than expected with much higher returns than anticipated. All the best for the upcoming 2020 season The AGM will be held on January 14th at 7.30pm in the Dunblane Cathedral Halls. MM
  15. Method man

    Carton jetstream #10/11

    Carron jetstream #10/11 Carron jetstream Spey floating #10/11 65ft head, next generation Used but looked after, in good condition. Comes in original tin. *SOLD*
  16. Method man

    Hardy Demon Sintrix 10’ #7

  17. Method man

    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 Kit

    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 kit Brand new with tips & tip wallet, bought but not required £45 posted (uk)
  18. Method man

    Gaelforce ESH

  19. Method man

    Grip shooter

    Rio grip shooter 35lb No longer required VGC SOLD
  20. Method man

    Last hurrah

    I managed to sneak in a day on the northie on Tuesday to finish my season off. Surprisingly there had been 1 or 2 silver fish caught on the beat since the Saturday but all I could come up with was a couple of well coloured cocks & a couple of pulls (no pun intended)[emoji849] On reflection...