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    Whopper trout !

    Amazing footage! The camouflage of the chicks was so good I didn't even see them until the second bird turned up. Very uplifting scene. Odd that I wouldn't feel the same way about seeing an Otter chewing on a big Barbel or a Salmon, come to that. I suppose Barbel are residents who's populations...
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    Hampshire Avon 2020

    Ah ha, I know exactly what you mean now. I've seen them work and they were a favourite of the old keeper of the Salmon pool at Woodmill. Tried them one day and had 2 big Chub!
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    Hampshire Avon 2020

    Tell me please Peter, do you dye these deep water prawns? I take it you mean the ones about 6 inches long, translucent as they come?
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    John Norris 20% off sale today and tomorrow.

    As per title, fill your boots. All fishing rods reels lines etc.
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    Your most productive lure?

    Red shrimp.
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    Trolling prawns?? On a loch?

    I encountered a poacher on Loch Ness once who used a bubble float and a shrimp /prawn. Didn't see him catch but he did have a take.
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    To smooth a drag?

    I've only heard of graphite powder being used on drag mechanisms.
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    For Dry Fly Salmon, what best, Nylon, or Co Poly ( Rio powerflex )

    If anyone is wanting a reliable lowish diameter nylon look no further than Preston innovations Reflo Powerline. Maximum diameter available is 0.026mm rated at 12lb 5 oz. I'd have no hesitation using it fishing small flies for Salmon or sea Trout. It's clear, it knots well and it has a good...
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    Steelhead in UK rivers.

    If any of these escapees did have Steelhead tendencies embedded in their DNA they would surely return to their home river or at least close to it?
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    Steelhead in UK rivers.

    There is, or was, a breeding population of rainbows in the river Chess, Hertfordshire. I've had a few over the years, maybe 1 in a 100, of Trout caught. This was of course before the massive EA fish kill about 15 yrs ago.
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    Steelhead in UK rivers.

    There are lots of Rainbow Trout farms on our South Country chalk streams, with the inevitable escapes. All these rivers are fished for Salmon and Sea Trout and Rainbow captures are virtually unheard of. The only river I've caught them in has been the Thames and even then only a couple. It would...
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    River Tyne 2020

    Considering a Ferryhill ticket and they have fishing at Heddon Haughs & Isle on the main river and Bellingham on the North. Would love some feedback on both. Thanks.
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    River Wear 2020

    As I understand it the Town water is still available separately from the rest of the river at just over £30, administered through BADAC. Seems there's a limit on numbers though.
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    Jack Charlton RIP

    Never forgotten a scene from his fishing series, Spring on a big Scottish river, the Tay I think. The gillie was explaining that in such deep fast water a lot of weight was needed to get down to the fish resting close to the bottom. Could well have been using the paternostered floating Devon...
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    West coast of Scotland holidays

    Lochhournhead B&B, Tea Room & Self Catering Cottage - Kinlochhourn Lochhournhead - Kinlochhourn, By Invergarry PH35 4HD 01809 511253 This could be worth a try. The most stunning location I've been to in Scotland. Various rivers and Loughs on the journey...
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    River Wear 2020

    Damn. Are cheaper day tickets available on the Town water?
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    Tips for a beginner?

    Nothing wrong with the John Norris lines at all. Best advice I can give you is to get to know your stretch of water as well as you can, in all conditions. When you've become proficient there you can use your aquired knowledge when visiting elsewhere. Worse thing to do is flit about chasing...
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    River Wear 2020

    Hoping to get up for a week in the next month or two. Can't really justify a year's full BADAC membership so considering the Town water option. Is it any good? I've heard of coarse fishing there, does it get crowded? Is parking OK? Would hope to fish sea Trout at night and some daytime Salmon...
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    River Wear 2020

    The EA are not your friends. I've experienced some amazing fishing over my almost 70 yrs. Mostly where EA involvement has been minimal. The only fisheries that have been destroyed have been by the EA, deliberately or by incompetence. The Thames, hence Isisalar. No longer worthy of any effort, I...
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    Hampshire Avon 2020

    Can't say how much I want to be down there at the moment. Winkton is beckoning. Unfortunately the wife is in for major surgery this week and I'm on duty around that. Be down as soon as possible. I'd really like a few years to pioneer new Stour Salmon / sea Trout fishing fishing. It's there...