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    Waterproofing spray

    Does it need multipe coatings? Just give things a generous spray all over then leave 24 hours?
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    Waterproofing spray

    What do you guys use? Want to do a jacket and boots, seems to be a big difference on opinions online
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    Spare Salmon Flies.

    Trying to get cousin and nephew into it if theres some wee light flies theyd be able to cast with a single hander id pay postage and give you something for them, so far theyve only had trout on wets they struggle to turn over anything weighty
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    Looking for a Daiwa osprey

    Ayrshire, im open to offers for cash or swaps
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    Looking for a Daiwa osprey

    I have a daiwa regal lure special 11ft 20-60g casting weight if it intrests
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    Where to buy

    Im after some small red shrimp, cant seen to find them anywhere where do you guys get your shrimp and prawns from? (In wanting shrimp but id take small prawn if i cant get shrimp)
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    Fly reel

    Sorted now
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    Snowbee Classic reel 10/11 & Lines SOLD

    Ill take it if still have it
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    How to separate stuck rod sections

    Try what i do if all else fails-wrapp bag of frozen peas in a towel and sit on the joint for 20 mins, ive always did this and its always woked frees it right up and dont need excessive force to pull sections apart, never caused any damage
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    Fly reel

    Wanting a reel for an Oracle switch preferably something with a bit of weight to it and a couple of spools, nothing fancy just a solid reel and ideally a spare spool or 2, what you got lying around?
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    Spinner making

    Just wondering for those who make own lires, id like to order coloured blades but they seen hard to find and a lot more expensive, do people oaint them? If so what sort of paint? Also for mepps style spinner bodies what do you use? I was thinking of ordering fluro glass beads?
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    Journeyman 15'

    Anybody used this rod? Any advice on lines to suit it
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    Small double hander or switch rod

    Looking for something under 13ft, doesnt need to be amazing condition since its going to get battered about while scrambling around an awkward wee river, could get a new shakey switch on a decent offer at john norris but interested to see what you guys might have lying around
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    Switch outfit

    Looking for a wee switch outfit that won't break the bank maybe a shakey switch rod and decent wee reel and line Let me know if anybodys got things they want rid of
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    Couple things

    Keep getting rid of things then want more 10ft #8 for the rainbows must be a stiff rod Wee switch rod and possibly an outfit Let me know what you got
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    Daiwa altmor prototype

    I have a lovely trout rod i just dont use it so might as well sell 8.5ft #5 altmor, this rod doesnt say daiwa instead says harry jamieson who ive been told designed the rods for daiwa so this rod would be hand built by him as a prototyoe? Pics on request 70 collected or swap for 10ft #8...
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    Daiwa dual catcher

    Daiwa whisker dual catcher 13ft reversable handle do converts from fly rod to spin rod, really nice rod for worm or shrimp Dont want to post due to awkward size so collection from kilmarnock 90 quid or possible swap for 10ft #8 rod
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    Spinner blades

    Anyone making their own spinners? Bascially im wanting silimar to the mepps fire tiger blades but cant seem to find, does anyone know where's best to get the or do you paint your own? What works best
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    Spinners clearout

    Really nice bunch of lighter flying cs x22 in total approx 8-12 grams, couple used but are still fine and mostly unused and 4x mepps XD #2 spinners still in packets 35 posted recorded delivery
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    Whisker dual catcher

    13ft daiwa whisker dual catcher salmon fly/spinning rod with reversible handle, rare and in great condition £80 or open to swap offers I'd rather not post since awkward with lengths, let me know if interested Edit price reduced to 70