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  1. glenelg100

    Fly selection

    When you go into a shop there are a multitude of flies on display, I’m sure most of them are to catch fishermen, not the actual fish, and I have bought them all I think. I plan through time to only have a few tried and tested patterns in various sizes, but that will take time as I’ve quite a few...
  2. glenelg100

    Anyone got...

    I have that very rod, but sorry keeping it for now, until I find another 15' 10# that takes my eye
  3. glenelg100

    Flowers River, Labrador

    When I was a young trawler man many moons ago I was in St. John’s, but I was pub crawling in them days
  4. glenelg100

    Loch Awe

    T The pass is very deep, even at the shore, Portsonachan may be best
  5. glenelg100

    Loch Awe

    There used to be cages on the port sonachan side , there are also cages at the beginning of the pass,
  6. glenelg100

    Exceptional runs of fish in Ireland

    When I was a youngster I worked on deep sea trawlers for a couple of years and I never seen any salmon caught on any of our trips, and that includes Greenland trips
  7. glenelg100

    Tay 2020

    I had a look on fishpal and there quite a few rods available on several beats for Wednesday
  8. glenelg100

    RJC Rods

    I did like the look of the loop cross s1 rods
  9. glenelg100

    Worming controllers/bouncing betty’s

    Also if you only needed a tiny bit more weight he added a metal washer or two, so basically he had a pocket full of various units with different lengths of threaded rod attached, and nuts and washers to get the right weights
  10. glenelg100

    Worming controllers/bouncing betty’s

    I seen some home made ones in which looked very good, clear tubing, swivel secured with small metal pin and silicone, and a threaded rod at the weighted end in which you could add a nut or two to increase the weight or remove to lessen the weight. The threaded rod also had some silicone to...
  11. glenelg100


    When I said there were many different types of 10’7# rods and would need to know what exactly was being sold, he said he was only trying to help
  12. glenelg100


    The person said his m8 had a 10’ 7# rod for sale and gave me an email address to contact, when I asked what 10’ 7# rod was for sale he couldn’t tell me
  13. glenelg100


    I had the very same the other night for a rod in which I put in the wanted section I didn’t know if it was a scam but it didn’t feel right
  14. glenelg100

    Northern England and Southern Scotland - rod advice

    Just don’t cast your marksman quite so far
  15. glenelg100

    Old msg/conversation

    How do you delete old msg/conversations , from your inbox please
  16. glenelg100

    River Tummel 2020

    This time last year 1237
  17. glenelg100

    River Tummel 2020

    Still quite a few going up
  18. glenelg100

    Padlock symbol

  19. glenelg100

    Padlock symbol

    What the wee padlock symbol mean at the far right on the wanted thread
  20. glenelg100

    10ft , 7# trout rod

    Thinking of getting a rod for trout fishing and maybe low water rivers , I m thinking 10' , 7# as already have lines that would suit that speck. Anyone have anything they no longer use and looking to sell. Thanks Ian