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  1. kenny007

    WTD - L5W 8twelve

    As per title, anyone got one they no longer use and wanting to move it on?
  2. kenny007

    Loop Cross S1 12ft

    This rod is in great condition and has been hardly used but fancy a wee change so looking for a possible swap option for another rod. Open to all options. Please PM with interest. Looking for something within a similar price range and quality. Thanks, Kenny
  3. kenny007

    Loop GDC 31g - 8#

    BNIB - £50 posted PM if interested. Thanks, Kenny
  4. kenny007

    SOLD - Loop Cross S1 13ft for sale

    Mint condition, hardly used as i tend to use my 12ft S1. £350 posted. Also have a range of quality lines to suit if needed. If interested please PM. PS: May consider a swap for 14ft...ish rod of similar quality. SOLD
  5. kenny007

    Fly reel for my 12ft Cross S1

    Looking for a reel to suit my 12ft S1. Budget in the region of £100 > £150 but everything considered. PM if you have something suitable and looking to move on.
  6. kenny007

    Never forget yesterday, tomorrow will alwyas come !

    Probably another ban for me, but hey ho ! This is not helpful content and has been removed, please reconsider before posting similar. Thanks The Admin.
  7. kenny007

    Show us your baking skills

    A bit of fun for these sh!t times. Tried a bit of baking this morning and was astounded they turned out the way they should have and taste really nice.
  8. kenny007

    Has any forum members had/got Covid-19?

    As the title sugests. Would be good to know their experiences if they think they may have had this vile bug. Anyone who has please accept my sympathy and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  9. kenny007

    Passing of a der freind

    Passing of a dear freind This morning i have just been informed of the passing of Gordon McLean (dandy) who had been a member of Mauchline & Ballochmile FC since he was a young lad. Gordon was only in his mid 50's and a character you could have a great laugh with. I will post with funeral...
  10. kenny007

    Looking for a new toy

    Im looking to purchase a rod in the 14.6 to 15ft range for a 10#. Happy to buy from here if someone has something that takes my fancy or buy new if needs be. Looking for recomendations. Budget of around £400. This will only be used a few time each season, even if that.
  11. kenny007

    River Ayr 2020

    Almost that time again to start getting ready for the season ahead (not that i get much time to fish these days). Tight lines to those who fish this bonny river. Kenny
  12. kenny007

    15ft Rod required

    Hi All, Friend of mine looking for a 15ft rod (Loop, Hardy, Guideline) and I'm happy to try source one on here on his behalf. His budget is around £300 posted so if you have something to offer please drop me a PM. Thanks, Kenny
  13. kenny007

    15th Rod

    Please ignore as title was wrong:batty:
  14. kenny007

    River Ayr 2019

    All the best to those fishing the Ayr in 2019. Let's hope it's a bumper season. Tight lines Kenny
  15. kenny007

    Rio Connect core running line

    Anyone got a spare in good condition they'd wish to sell ?
  16. kenny007

    Gaelforce Equalizer Skagit Patriot

    I have for sale the above line, 39 grams / 600 grains and has only been test cast for 10 minuets. Comes in original box / spool. £35 posted to UK mainland. Many thanks, Kenny SOLD
  17. kenny007

    Amazon Fire Stick

    Whats your thoughts on these ? :help: Sky is rubbish and too expensive so it's going.:doh:
  18. kenny007

    Loop Classic 5/8 LHW Reel

    Looking for the above which must be in VGC. Thanks, Kenny
  19. kenny007

    Hardy Zenith 13ft 6" spare rod sections

    Due to snapping the butt section of my Zenith and Hardy not able to replace the section i now have the other 3 sections for sale. This could turn out to be a prudent buy as you'll not get any replacement sections for these rods anymore. If you're interested please drop me a PM and we can...
  20. kenny007

    Saving Our Salmon - BBC2 Scot 21:00 tonight

    Ooops, just noticed it was posted earlier:redface: