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  1. auldsalmon

    Gold Willie gold tyed on size 8 patriot

    The famous hand shot , :rolleyes: see what you started:eek: but no window
  2. auldsalmon

    Great day nice to get the feeling back

    Canny believe no one spotted the seatrout in the pictures. :eek::eek::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. auldsalmon


    Will be alright next week when. this drops in :eek::eek: Station Name Height Movement Last Update North Esk at Edzell (Burn Estate) 26 ft 8in Rising 8:30 PM
  4. auldsalmon

    Fishing holiday in Scotland this August, any suggestions?

    Hoddom :oops: :oops: :oops:
  5. auldsalmon

    9 to 5 Beats

    I personally think 9 to 5 is wrong for a countryside pursuit . should be whatever the rods want , You pay for day ticket not 6 to 7 hours out of the day
  6. auldsalmon

    Great day nice to get the feeling back

    Thanks ;) . No it's the Saracione mkv 4 inch one you get them at House of Bruar ;)
  7. auldsalmon

    Great day nice to get the feeling back

    Saracione mk V the 4 inch one ;) ;)
  8. auldsalmon

    One the day

    Had this and another video fish came out about 5 times but a rain drop right in the middle of the lens :mad::mad:
  9. auldsalmon

    Great day nice to get the feeling back

    Had a hold of another 4 salmon too ,Also had 4 seatrout which were in good nick ;)
  10. auldsalmon

    On a roll

    Got two the day one about 6lb below week cock and another 4 lb seen about 10 fish too most I have seen in years
  11. auldsalmon

    Ghillie hitches

    No bad for a booy. ;) :oops: :oops: NICE
  12. auldsalmon

    Little Teds 1st sea trout.

    Well done wee man hope he's hooked for life ;):D:D:D
  13. auldsalmon

    Got another this salmon fishing is easy

    :eek::eek::eek::oops::oops: water was rising below me and dirty 15 inches in 4 hours ,but I was above a tributary and it only rose 4 inch before it started to colour up ,Got this whilst on the rise
  14. auldsalmon

    Kept hold of one at last

    We beauty
  15. auldsalmon

    Angel Mk2 Strip and clean

    Hi it will be the disc brake take the side off to get at it and clean in-between the discs with a bit of paper , It will keep happening mine did ,Got told by hardy it should be cleaned after every time ,I got rid as one minute okay than it would start all over again .
  16. auldsalmon

    First this year

    My first fish this year off the Annan on a rising water ,It gave me a little pull then followed it about 10ft then bang fish on 13lb bar off silver 😁😁😁
  17. auldsalmon

    Pitlochry club

    Dont know if its been on before ,But will the pitlochry ac be refunding the ££ for the days not fished due to covid19 :confused::confused::confused:
  18. auldsalmon

    One the night Annan

    Im on a roll three days three fish and they are getting bigger :lol::lol:
  19. auldsalmon


    Jordy first day out :thumb::thumb::thumb: i got a wee un later on the water came up 2ft in a few hours
  20. auldsalmon

    Clyde could loose out again if this goes ahead

    salmon could loose out again if this goes ahead :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: big rainbow horror Jobs boost as new PS8m fish farms plan is revealed | Largs and Millport Weekly News