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    John Norris 20% off sale today and tomorrow.

    As per title, fill your boots. All fishing rods reels lines etc.
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    Scierra Kenai Pro wading jacket.

    Anyone got an opinion on the above please?
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    Owner hooks In my local tackle shop the other day to pick up some Owner trebles and was dismayed to be told that he didn't have any because the distributor had given up handling Owner hooks. A large distributor so there could be a shortage in the near future unless...
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    How deep?

    Let's say that a Salmon has been lying in a particular spot for a week. Nice steady current in around 8 feet of water. Head and tailing regularly and so far has refused all flies and spinners presented to it. How deep is it likely to be lying between showing itself? What would be the best depth...
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    Pair of XL neoprene chesties + felt sole boots size 11. Swap for a decent wading jacket Still looking for a new home, would swap for a decent wading jacket size XL. Thanks.
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    Simms wading boots. To treat or not? Got a pair of the above which I can no longer use as my expanding waistline means that the wader socks necessary now won't fit in them. I'm size 9 feet the boots are size 10, socks 9-11. I'm going to pass them on to a friend, size 8 feet, he'll be using...
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    Reel to match John Norris Ni1 11' #7/8 switch rod

    Couldn't resist getting one of the above and looking for a reel with decent capacity to match it. #7/8 Vision deep or similar. Considered the 1/2 price Guideline reach from Norris but I doubt the 7/8 would be large enough, got the 5/6 and the 7/8 is only 1/4" larger diameter. Had an Airflo...
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    Where's the thanks option gone?

    Loving the new layout, we appear to have lost being able to thanks a post?? Unless it's me can't see it for looking.
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    Purple whiskers 110's

    Spied the above while ordering some Prawns this week and got a couple of the Sunset orange /gold pattern. I'd like someone to tell me that they're devastatingly effective. Seriously, anyone got any experience with them? Thanks
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    Airflo Defender wading jacket

    Anyone got an opinion on the above. Thanks.
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    Leather treatment

    Recently acquired a Sharpes Gye net sling which has dried out and is quite stiff. What would be the best way to revive the suppleness? Thanks.
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    Cummings media attempted assassination.

    Cannot guarantee the accuracy of this.
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    Opportunity to fish the Hampshire Avon

    Been fishing Winkton fishery on the Hampshire Avon the last few years and I've caught a few. There's one other regular angler trying and he's had a few too, a 16lber last week on an Ally's shrimp. It was for many years regularly fished by experienced anglers and there are a fair few named pools...
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    Selling wild Atlantic Salmon

    Am I correct saying that buying or selling wild Salmon is illegal? Or is it just rod caught fish? I suppose the netsmen have to sell their catch somewhere.
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    Float tubes.

    Anyone done any Salmon or sea Trout fishing from a float tube?
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    30" Gye net.

    As title, lost my Wychwood 30" Gye net last week so need to replace it. Ideally with the same or a Sharp's. Anything with the square section shafts really, need a sling too. Thanks
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    John Norris Ni1 #7/8 switch rod.

    Lockdown notwithstanding there are some really good deals on tackle at the moment. Particularly attracted to the (Guideline) John Norris 11' 7#/8 switch rod. Got another very similar rod, convince me to buy one please. Anyone know what it weighs? Anyone using one?
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    Guideline Stoked fly rods

    John Norris are having a sale of the above at the moment. Anyone got an opinion on them? I fancy a 10' #6 for use on the Wear, overhead casting where possible and single handed speycasting where necessary. I've got a #7 11' switch rod, would like something a bit lighter in the hand and on the...
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    More toxic chemicals to be used by Salmon farmers

    As title. More toxic pesticides to be used by salmon farmers
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    Zip front chest waders

    I was initially impressed with zip front waders although sceptical about the zip waterproofing properties, the advantages of being able to take a leak without taking the waders down seemed to be a massive boon. As far as I can see this is not the case, unless I'm missing something. So, what's...