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    Patriot Doubles

    Has anyone else had trouble with these hooks in so far as the points become blunt after a short time. During my carp and barbel fishing days I checked the sharpness of the hook at every opportunity and when people queried this answered with "I catch more fish on new hooks". The truth was I...
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    Lamson Reel 3.5 or 4

    I'm looking for a Lamson 3.5 in the larger size ranges (Litespeed/Speedster etc.) or 4 in Velocity.
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    Hardy Zephrus 12'6" 7/8

    Does anyone own one of these, what are your opinions of it please?
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    French Fishing

    Help I'm taking the boss for a week in Normandy during July as she kindly "allowed" me to have 6 weeks on the Findhorn this year. By a stroke of good fortune (?) I have discovered that we will be in the hot spot for French sea trout fishing. It is too good an opportunity to miss so I tried to...
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    Lamson Litespeed

    I have recently purchased a used Litespeed can anyone advise me on how to remove the spool please?
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    Lamson 3.5

    I am desperately seeking a reel to match my 13' 7-9 rod. I have Mackenzie running line and 8/9 shooting head but I wondered if even with gel spun backing would it fit a Lamson 3.5 (perhaps not the smaller Konic) but the other models. Any help appreciated.