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    Which Switch

    I have a veritable forest of 11' - 11'6" single handers from wieghts 4 - 9 and all of them although not sold as switch rods have short extension handles. So I'm wondering which of the switch lines might be best on one of them. I've been looking at the Snowbee, Shakespeare and Barrio switch...
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    2020 Vision

    So what will 2020 bring us in the salmon fishing world, any predictions? All doom and gloom again or any glimmers of hope? By some strange twist of fate I've found myself in the Far North where nearly everything appears to be pretty rosy compared to the rest of the UK. One worry is if we will...
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    Fish Porn!

    Not exactly hard core X rated but you get the idea. Sutherland Bottle Bank :doh: Andy
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    Wot No Ally's Shrimp

    A couple of weeks ago I cut some troublesome over hanging branches on one pool on the river. Dangling from the foliage were quite a lot of lengths of nylon and even two polyleaders. From this I salvaged the flies pictured below. There were a few dressed singles and doubles but they were too far...
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    They Breed Them Tough Down South

    While doing a bit of a redd count on the Barle (Exe system) in Somerset with a mate last week we came across this rather unfortunate salmon lying on the bank. Obviously the result of a run in with an otter. Nothing very unusual about that but when I picked the head up the gills gave a little...