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    Fish farming disaster again. Another example why this rancid industry must be shut down. Who knows what system these fish will end up in. 70000+ 4lb mutants now free to roam...
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    Cold Cold Water

    -2 here today on the stunning west coast of Scotland. The sun doesn't get high enough to hit the water at this location this time of year. Quite a bit of ice in the loch. Although sea lochs the fresh water off the hills sits on top of the saltwater being less dense, particularly in calm weather...
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    Whyte v Chisora

    Watched this last night. Best heavyweight fight I've seen in a long time. Neither the greatest boxer skill wise but a real old fight till you have nothing left. Worth a watch if you can find it. I bet on the loser of course. I thought he should have won but I was slightly biased. If Derek could...
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    West coast survivors!

    Had a quick check on a local stream today. Sneaked a look at a few likely spots just to see what kind of stock occupies the river for spawning. Very happy with what I found. One pool on this little river had at least ten fish resident. Estimated size range from about 3 to maybe 12lb. Only one...
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    Time for a change!

    Following the haze around the future of salmon angling with the wild fisheries review I have decided to try something new. I have renewed my association fishings but will not be fishing private beats in Scotland this year. Hence the boat purchase. Have had a few practice paddles before today and...
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    One for Malcolm

    It's been a couple of years since Malcolm passed but a recent fish brought memories of the gentleman back. On many a visit to the river over a number of years I spent more time chatting than fishing with Malcolm. Far from wasted time we discussed everything to do with run timings, flies...
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    One for the dog lovers! If you've had a dog you'll understand :).
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    Salmon farmers promoting catch and release?

    Just a little query on the motivations behind the salmon farming industries drive for a 100% catch and release policy on UK anglers? Why are they so keen for us to 'let them all go'? I understand just now that it is in their interests blaming the demise of the salmon on the big bad...
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    A run in the hills.

    Tuesday just past looking down on a well known valley :). Ran for 16 miles and legs just about recovered.
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    Fish against the odds.

    Pretty much snowed in today so dreaming of fish from the past. Golf course across road from my house just today. A few years back I set off on a June morning early with what should have been a dropping river. On way there the mobile in my pocket was buzzing away. Happily ignored it, either...
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    Drone operator.

    BBC News - The drone operator who said 'No' A rare insight into drones and the operators.
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    Bernard Jordan!

    BBC News - D-Day veteran 'escapee' Bernard Jordan dies aged 90 RIP sir. A man that warmed my heart with his travels last year. A hero. Please check in with family, friends and neighbours of an older generation over these colder months. After Christmas sometimes people forget about those who are...
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    Glasgow v Leinster

    Just watched the game on bbc Alba. Brilliant game with two fantastic teams. Score line maybe flattered the Irish slightly but were worthy winners none the less. Rugby is a sport that for me rarely disappoints. Football on the other hand with gamesmanship and corruption often leaves me aghast...
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    Jubilee Scotland!
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    Any trail camera users?

    Sorry I know this isn't salmon related but then again alot of anglers love the countryside and wildlife as much as salmon. During the past few weeks I've bought a new toy. One of these trail camera's. I've had it out three times in Argyll with limited success. The first...