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    Fish farming disaster again. Another example why this rancid industry must be shut down. Who knows what system these fish will end up in. 70000+ 4lb mutants now free to roam...
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    What great weather we've had lately. Just ran up to the top of a wee hill from the house there for the setting sun. The light makes it look warm. -7c last night and was 0c when the photo was taken a couple of hours ago. The 13 mile hill run keeps you more than warm :). Out for a friend's...
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    Where was I today.

    Yes rs2ford it's a great place to kill time. Photo from this summer before being treated to a great evening with the Vatersay boys playing in the community hall at the beach. A little Barra hill Loch brownie. Roll on spring :D.
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    Where was I today.

    Very well done Keirstream. It's Gigha indeed. Sitting on the twin beaches. Fantastic place. Water was fresh for swimming and the fishing was average. Plenty of deep water but only very small cod for me. An amazing little island to explore though.
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Got an Aberdeen Angus roasting joint with a bottle of red in the slow cooker early on. Kids to school, IKEA shop complete. Supposed to be building that nonsense but too nice a day for that. So decided on a 10 mile run from the house to clear the lungs. Wife will be delighted when in from work:D...
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Just Loch Lomond today. Struggling to get excited for the salmon fishing this year. The number of comorants and goosanders doesn't bode well for Parr and smolt survival rates. Love the place but the salmon fishing urge has never been lower. Paddle around Inchmurrin and Creinch. Was a mild 4C...
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    Had a couple of hours fishing off north Donegal. Tried out deep for any cod but only picking up tiny wee codling today. Came back inshore and enjoyed good sport with lots of small Pollock and Coalfish. Felt like a summer's day :).
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    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    A tad grey today but a wee 12 mile tour of the islands of Lomond. The east wind certainly blows the cobwebs away.
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    Cold Cold Water

    -2 here today on the stunning west coast of Scotland. The sun doesn't get high enough to hit the water at this location this time of year. Quite a bit of ice in the loch. Although sea lochs the fresh water off the hills sits on top of the saltwater being less dense, particularly in calm weather...
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    The long winter months

    As others have said I keep getting out and about. We've had a lot of lovely frosty weather here which is great for the hills and the lochs. A couple of hours ago on a sea Loch.
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    Anyone enjoy other types of fishing other than salmon ?

    Used to be only really the salmon fishing for me as I was really lucky to experience top class fishing at least twice a week if not daily over seasons growing up. Now with busy work and family life and the fishing not what it was I have really started to enjoy the trout, sea fishing with more...
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    Whyte v Chisora

    Watched this last night. Best heavyweight fight I've seen in a long time. Neither the greatest boxer skill wise but a real old fight till you have nothing left. Worth a watch if you can find it. I bet on the loser of course. I thought he should have won but I was slightly biased. If Derek could...
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    West coast survivors!

    Had a quick check on a local stream today. Sneaked a look at a few likely spots just to see what kind of stock occupies the river for spawning. Very happy with what I found. One pool on this little river had at least ten fish resident. Estimated size range from about 3 to maybe 12lb. Only one...
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    Trout Spawning on Tributaries of the Bandon River

    Hi Reddie I got out for a walk but wasn't out for too long and only covered under a mile of river. The thaw is on with ice still in the margins. I was never going to see too much today but the river was exceptionally quiet. From an old friend he says that traditionally he would see most spawning...
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    Sea trout fishing west coast Scotland when?

    A wee one of 1.5lb. One of two and about 20 coalfish over 3 hours earlier in week. Oh and it was fried in butter and served with the special spices of salt and pepper. Just amazing. Might add I have the proper paperwork to fish at this not so secret location ha. Yes now is a good time for the...
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    first cast of the trout season

    16C North West highlands today. If the cod and ling are rising I think the trout would be worth a cast. Not even tempted to fish for salmon yet. Trout (Brown) are next. Past few weeks have caught many cod, poor cod, whiting, haddock, short spined sea scorpion and sea trout. Got badly smashed up...
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    Time for a change!

    I have a fish finder arrowloopboy for depths which is quite interesting. It's a prowler 15 arrowloopboy and very impressed with speed and stability. These Scottish sea lochs are surprisingly deep. On loch etive within a stone throw of shore you can be well over 200ft. Picture from 'shallow' loch...
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    Time for a change!

    Following the haze around the future of salmon angling with the wild fisheries review I have decided to try something new. I have renewed my association fishings but will not be fishing private beats in Scotland this year. Hence the boat purchase. Have had a few practice paddles before today and...
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    The North Esk - a river in recovery?

    Thanks Kingfisher interesting reading from that link. Just trying to balance this: 'We're told that any catch statistics are meaningless unless underlined by CPUE. The interesting factor here is the extremely consistent CPUE of this operation. Same nets, same location, year in, year out. Far...
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    One for Malcolm

    It's been a couple of years since Malcolm passed but a recent fish brought memories of the gentleman back. On many a visit to the river over a number of years I spent more time chatting than fishing with Malcolm. Far from wasted time we discussed everything to do with run timings, flies...