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    One from today

    Beautiful fly with the usual excellent tying.
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    For me personally, that is a cracking fly that would be a pleasure to use.
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    Green Highlander

    A beautiful fly, tied in an exemplary manner.
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    Good Old Cascade

    A quality tied fly!
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    Haslam inspired

    The Sea Trout would love that presented to them! Quality fly
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    Hampshire Avon 2020

    Your patience finally paid off Peter. Well done and sorry about the big guy, which hopefully is still around for us to catch at some point this week!
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    loop g4 evotec lw 7-9

    I have the G4 7-9 on my Loop SX 10’ #8 and it balances perfectly. Nice reel to use.
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    the germans are coming [emoji6]

    Yet again, brilliantly tied. Your fly boxes must and their selections must give you great pleasure to use.
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    Another fine set Wormo!
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    Excellent fly and beautifully tied.
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    silver stoats

    As the advert used to say, “never leave home without them” ! Particularly nicely tied flies and would be great for the Sea Trout for sure.
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    Single handed rod

    Same as MCX. I use a 10’ 8 single handed with the Rio Single Hand Spey line on th Avon and the Frome. My priority was for a light rod that I could use all day long but strong enough to handle a good sized fish and have excellent casting capability.
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    huge forum change , don,t know where to post or what to look at

    I think that the new format is very good, I like it.
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    Loop GA 9ft 4 inch 4 weight

    This rod is the original GA series rod and is in excellent condition having only been used twice. A really nice rod to use for Grayling and Brown trout The rod comes with the rod bag and Loop Tube. £250 posted within the UK
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    Loop Opti Peak 11ft 4 weight

    Ideal Czech nymphing rod in immaculate condition having been used only 3 times. The rod is excellent for Grayling and Brown trout but has the back bone to land heavier fish Comes complete with full set of reel balancing weights, cloth bag and Loop tube. Price £250 posted within UK
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    Loop Evotec G4 reel 7-9

    This reel is brand new and unused. Colour Black, RHW (can easily be converted to LHW) complete with pouch and box. £250 plus postage at cost.
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    Loop Evotec G4 6-8

    This reel is brand new and unused. Colour black, LHW complete with pouch and box. £250 plus postage at cost.
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    Hardy Marksman Spin 10’ 10-30 gms

    This rod is new and unused and comes complete with the rod bag, stoppers and tube. Price is £275 with postage at cost.
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    Loop Classic 5-8

    Loop Classic 5-8 brand new and unused. £350 plus postage at cost.
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    Hardy Marksman Spin

    Hardy Marksman Spin 8’6 7-20 grams, used, but in excellent condition £250 plus postage at cost. A great rod for the smaller rivers.