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    Hardy Mach 2 #10 Sink 2/3 & Hardy #10 DT

    Hi, For sale Hardy Mach 2 #10 Sink 2/3 in very good condition & Hardy #10 double taper fly line £10 including postage
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    Rio AFS Shooting Head Multi Tip #9/10 38g SOLD

    Hi For sale Rio AFS Shooting Head Multi Tip #9/10 38g in very good condition, with 4 tips, only the floating tip has been used, wallet included £30 including postage SOLD
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    Scientific Anglers Mastery Shooting Head #9/10 Intermediate

    Hi Scientific Anglers Mastery Shooting Head #9/10 Intermediate for sale in very good condition Now reduced to £10 including postage,
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    Rio AFS Shooting Head #9/10 38g Sink 2/3

    Hi Rio AFS shooting head line #9/10 38g Sink 2/3 in very good condition £10 including postage
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    MacKenzie DTX SH 42g Intermediate SOLD

    Hi For sale MacKenzie DTX shooting head line 42g Intermediate in very good condition £10 including postage Now SOLD
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    Spey 2020

    Good luck to everyone out for the first cast tomorrow - On upper Arndilly. Looking at the weather it's going to be a challenging day but looking forward to it!
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    Golden Eagle With Trap on its Legs

    There are no words - A Golden eagle spotted on Cairngorm with what looks like a Fenn trap on its legs - This is shameful & completely destroys any efforts to get the non-shooting public onside. I hope the guilty parties are caught & dealt with appropriately. Estate owners should also be very...
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    Wild Justice launches new attack on shooting community

    Chris is at it again, The Crowdfunder is over halfway there - Unfortunately Wild Justice make some valid points & significant changes & regulation will be coming! Wild Justice launches new attack on shooting community
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    Great Salmon Rods of the Dee & Spey - Iain D Ogden

    Duplicate Christmas present (That's what happens when you provide Christmas lists!) Very interesting history especially if you know the Dee & Spey & an insight into just how good the fishing used to be. Signed copy number 334. as new. Book is £25 new, looking for £20 including postage Thanks...
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    Pin Vice Clamp For Tube Flies

    Hi, Following my SBS for a pot bellied pig tube I had a query about how I secured my pin vice to my fly tying vice. I used a double split clamp collar bought off ebay. I cut a piece of flat steel out of a washer, filed it to size & drilled a hole to fit the allan screw of the clamp, sandwiched...
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    Orange PBP Step By Step

    One of my favorite salmon flies tied on 3/4" Copper Tube Catch on red tying thread & secure medium oval gold ribbing Make a 3 turn tag then trim off Prepare 6 boar bristles & tie in Prepare some orange bucktail & tie in Tie in 2 double lengths of pearl Krinkle flash Tidy up & then tie in...
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    Calvins & Parkies!

    Starting to build my fly box for Russia next year :)
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    Latest addition, Finn. Can't wait to start training
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    Abereen & District Angling Association - Culter Beat River Dee

    The Aberdeen & district angling association has secured an exclusive 4 year, 6 rod lease to fish Culter water from 12th March this year. Details to follow on ADAA website & Facebook - A great result for the association!
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    MacKenzie G3 9/10 55ft Spey Line

    Anyone tried the G3 55' 9/10 line? The G2 55ft is a great line & I'm looking to replace mine as its about worn out. Been in touch with one of Scott's team & the G3 line has no welded loops which is disappointing for a modern line at £75. The G2 line welded no bother but not sure if a...
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    A Few Spring Tubes

    Here's a few tied up ready for the spring & Under UV light
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    Lower Varzuga 2018

    The invite for 1st week of June next year is in my inbox, awaiting a reply & the clock is ticking....... The dilemma :eek: - Should I stay or should I go?? I Had an amazing trip this year, I loved the place & the fishing & the bank balance can just about take it Think I already know the answer...
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    The Glorious 12th

    Good shooting to all those fortunate enough to kick off their 2017 shooting season today
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    Lower Varzuga 1st Week in June

    Fantastic week - Very high water, had to put in long hours & work hard for each fish. Would I go back - Hell yea! Our Transport Frozen Tundra The camp from across the river Silver Perfection We named our Boat! More Perfection Very High Water The Leaper Like Spring Like Summer
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    Banchory Shooting Syndicate Availability

    Hi All, We have availability for guns with dogs for 2017/18 season on our self-managed syndicate just outside Banchory, PM for more info if interested Cheers Stewart