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    Sage method 14ft #9

    Sage method 14ft #9 nearly new used a handfull of times in fantastic condition swop for LTS across 15 or loop rod 14ft in good condition this rod is in brand new condition as you will see on the corks and reel seat hardly had a reel on it ?? what have you for swop will sell £450
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    lst across

    Looking for an LST across 13ft. 8 /9/10
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    Lts across

    Hi I am looking for a LTS across 13ft 8/9/10 new model in red thanks
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    Does anyone know the backing capacity of a zane no 3 for a shooting head thanks

    Zane backing capacity
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    Hardy marquis

    2 Hardy marquises no2 brass footed slight paint loss as they are origanal reels butiful to use one got new backing on it one silver one brown £190.or swap thanks
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    Angel mk 2 rod

    What's your thoughts on Hardy angel mk 2 15ft fly rod I have matched mine with a mk 1 angel 11/12 reel
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    Rb mieser

    Looking for a rb mieser 11ft to 13 ft let's know if you got one for sale at a decent price thanks everyone
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    Cascapedia or LTS odin

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    LTS ODIN fly reel

    Hi I am looking for a LTS. Odin fly reel if anybody got 1v pleas let me know I have a LTS thor would like a odin reel to pair them thanks
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    LTS ODIN fly reel

    Hi everyone I am looking for an LTS odin fly reel if you got one at a good price please contact me jus bought a a LTS. Thor would like a odin as well
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    LTS ODIN fly reel

    Looking for an.. Lts odin fly reel to go with my 7/8/9 anything to 11 line weight gives room for plenty backing so if anybody got an ODIN reel at a fair price let me know thanks again
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    LTS odin or thor fly reel

    Hi I am looking for a LTS.. ODIN or THOR fly reel between 7 /11 ANYONE GOT. 1 FOR SALE at a good price please contact me
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    RB MIESER fly rod 15ft 9/10/11

    Wanted RB MIESER fly rod 15ft 9/10/11 Hi I am looking for A (R.B.MiESER 15FT. 9/10 -- 11. I have a.. (Bruce walker powerlite Spey caster delux ) 14ft ft and a hardy ( SIRRUS 15ft nearly brand new ) and a (15ft hardy gem mk 2 ) will swap with cash or I will just buy cash...
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    Best jackets

    Hi what wading jackets do you like the most a dry all day jacket I have about 8 musto fxp a like and a snowbie prestege a couple guideline jacket reason am asking is a bought a cheap jacket called a froggs tec toad it is made from a polypropylene material AVE not had a chance to use of yet...
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    What's your views on the loss of fishing dates because of the Corona virus do you think you should be compensated for days lost that have been paid for or at least gave another few days that yous have paid for
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    Outdoors keepers Gillies and Corona virus

    Just a wee note how do our Gillies keepers keep clear of the corona virus as it's there jobs to meet different people everyday and a lot of people nowdays travel abroad for there fishing and this things world wide now problem is we don't know who's got it and who's not you could be...
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    Lines lines and more lines

    Hi when I was a lad there were only 4 lines in your arsenal a fast sinker. Sinker. sink tip and a full floater nowdays ther,s that many makes of lines and millions of tips aswell I have been using Rio and airflo rage lines what lines do you use and what benefits do you get on new lines. To...
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    What's the best

    Hardy cascapedia or loop classic
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    Don't think it's fair to stop anybody buying a rod on the classified page because youv only 20 odd posts it's me that would be sending the money to the person not the other way round so I loss a rod I have been looking for for over 2 years. This is definitely not a fair system youv got...
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    RB MIESER fly rod or cf burkenhiemer.

    Hi I am looking for MIESER highlander 13ft -14ft ..7/10 OR a13ft to14ft BURKENHIMER Spey rod I have these to trade hardy 15ft gem 15 ft sirrus new 14 ft b&w powerlite spey deluxe nearly new ( I have these to trade thanks.) or just a CASH DEAL cash waiting waiting thanks