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  1. heather point

    SOLD: System 2 Reel 10/11 with Spare Spool

    As above, both spools with backing. Price reduced to £55
  2. heather point

    System 2 reel and Spare Spool

    Tried to amend price for this in the original post below. I can find no way of doing this so here it is. Price reduced to £60
  3. heather point

    System 2 10/11 Disc Drag Reel with Spare Spool

    A very original System 2 reel complete with spare spool and backing on both spools. Owned by me from new, good used condition. £100. Free postage UK.
  4. heather point


    A set of magnetic rod holder to carry up to four rods. Excellent condition to fit any car with steel roof and bonnet. £25 including UK postage.
  5. heather point

    HMH Tube Fly Tool

    Looking for one of the above if anyone has one that they are not using now.
  6. heather point

    Fish Kettle

    This is a Kitchencraft fish kettle for steaming or poaching salmon or any fish. It measures 24" long x 4.5" high x 7.5"wide. It can be used on gas, electric or induction hobs. Excellent, as new condition. £30 delivered UK. SOLD
  7. heather point

    Guideline Shooting Head

    Guideline Density Compensated shooting head, 35' long, hover / intermediate, 8/9 weight. Perfect condition. £20.
  8. heather point

    Airflo Trout Line

    This is an Airflo trout line with the 12' long intergrated slow sink tip. It is a weight forward 7 and would make a good salmon line on a switch rod. Excellent condition £20 including UK postage.
  9. heather point

    Teeny T300 Fly Line 7-10 Weight

    This line sinks approx. 6.5 IPS, has a black head about 30 feet and integrated orange running line about 55 feet for 7-10 weight rods. Excellent condition. SOLD
  10. heather point

    Teeny T200 6-9 Weight

    Teeny T200 for rods of class 6-9. Length 100'; 66' floating and 24' sinking, Sinkrate 6,5 ips £25 Delivered UK. Now reduced to £20.
  11. heather point

    Metz #2 Hen Cape Ginger/Brown

    As above, £30 including postage UK. Brand new, Unopened.
  12. heather point

    Corona fly

    Since we are all on lockdown with no fishing I thought I would have a go at designing a fly which perhaps in years to come will remind us of this grim time. As you will see I am not much of a fly tier but the dressing is there and hopefully some of the brilliant tiers on here will reproduce it...
  13. heather point

    Tay Opening

    The mighty Tay opens tomorrow. Doesn't seem to be much interest up to now. Perhaps we should run a sweep on how many fish will be caught on opening day. I would go for one and hope to be proved wrong.
  14. heather point

    Bruce and Walker 10' Salmon and SeaTrout Rod

    As above, a 10' Bruce and Walker single handed Salmon and Sea Trout model. Two piece, rewhipped with fuji stand off eyes. It will take any line from a 7 weight to a 9 weight. Powerful rod which has caught dozens of salmon for me. £60 delivered UK.
  15. heather point

    Guideline LPXe 15'

    Selling my much loved 15' Guideline LPXe. It has had very little use and is in good condition. This is for a 10/11 weight and can handle anything from a full floater to the fastest sinker, very powerful rod but unfortunately not being used anymore.Price Drop £190 posted UK. SOLD
  16. heather point

    Fishpal Credit Card Fees

    I noticed when booking some fishing through Fishpal that they are still charging an extra fee which from memory was between 3 and 4 percent for payment by credit card. My understanding of this was that the Government had banned this charge with effect from January 2018. Even DVLA allow you to...
  17. heather point

    System 2 Salmon Reel 12/13

    This system 2 reel is one of the later, perforated drum models. It comes with a 10/11 weight integrated sink tip line, the sinking part of which is 10' long. Superb disc drag, only selling because the reel foot will not fit on my 13'9" Shakespeare Scandi. It was fine on my 15' LPXE. The foot is...
  18. heather point

    Fly Tying Materials

    Some fly tying materials for sale as I seem to have rather a lot. More to follow. £20 posted.
  19. heather point

    Scierra XDP Reel 7/9 With Spare Spool

    AS above, a Scierra XDP reel complete with spare spool, both with lines and backing. One has a DI3 and the other has a fast glass, both 7 weight. They come complete with a Scierra neoprene reel pouch and instructions to change from left to right wind. £35 for the lot including UK delivery...
  20. heather point

    Partridge Trebles and Doubles Large Quantity

    A large quantity of Partridge trebles and doubles, round about 160, count them yourself. They are a mixture of sizes mostly 6 and 4, all needle eye. There are a few Frodein gold doubles as well. £20 for the lot including postage UK.