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  1. J

    Sage method 14ft #9

    ROD NOW sold pending SOLD
  2. J

    Sage method 14ft #9

    Sage method 14ft #9 nearly new used a handfull of times in fantastic condition swop for LTS across 15 or loop rod 14ft in good condition this rod is in brand new condition as you will see on the corks and reel seat hardly had a reel on it ?? what have you for swop will sell £450
  3. J

    running line

    Hi John norris of penrith good running line orange in colour 30lb £8.99
  4. J

    lst across

    Looking for an LST across 13ft. 8 /9/10
  5. J

    Lts across

    Hi I am looking for a LTS across 13ft 8/9/10 new model in red thanks
  6. J

    LTS Across II 13' 8/9/10. Now Sold !

    Would have bought it in a flash been looking for 13 8/9/10
  7. J

    Meiser Rods

  8. J

    Does anyone know the backing capacity of a zane no 3 for a shooting head thanks

    Zane backing capacity
  9. J

    hardy zane no 3

    Are these cones on the back of the spool
  10. J

    hardy zane no 3

  11. J

    hardy zane no 3

    Thanks Brian a will have a look at it they have lifetime gaurentee a might get Hardy to service it at the end of the year a heard some one talking about it Ave got the warranty card the Al send it in a couple weeks when they are opened again the guy i bought it from said he used on a 2 week...
  12. J

    hardy zane no 3

    Hi a just bought a zane no 3 it's got a click winding in but silent going out asked the guy a bought it of he only used it 12 times on a fishing holiday for tuna and barracuda he landed a a couple tuna biggest being 28 he said the reel has always been silent running out but a click...
  13. J

    hardy zane no 3

    Hi thanks for your imput it's the only reel from Hardy that I didn't do my homework I have a rb meiser 15ft 11 weight for it to go on I will put the cascapedias on my 14 ft meiser rod that's a 7/8/9 but it's a powerful rod thanks again
  14. J

    hardy zane no 3

    Hi I have just purchased a no 3 Zane myself I have a few Hardy reels but this is the first Zane I bought the guy said it has just a couple light scratches and it's only been used 4 5 times I am looking forword to its arrival. Are these good reels a bought it for my 15ft rod 11 line...
  15. J

    hardy zane no 3

  16. J

    Wading Staff * reduced *

    I do apologise to snap t 14
  17. J

    Wading Staff * reduced *

    I am so sorry for the mix up I didn't read the post correctly I thought the post was on wadding staffs in general not on selling one again I am sorry the one you got is top class not like a home made one
  18. J

    LTS odin or thor fly reel

    I got a 10/11 brand new thor nice reel many thanks