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  1. Torrish

    Big Brownie

    My friend out fishing for brownie caught this beauty....returned safely....he also lost another large one. Caught on the Eamont across at Penrith. Caught it on a size 12 Nymph
  2. Torrish

    Sage TCX 12' 6" #7 Fly Rod

    I am selling my Sage TCX 12' 6" #7 (7126 - 4) double handed fly rod. I have this rod since new and apart from the handle being soiled as you would expect, the rod is in great condition. I have looked after this rod, like I do with all of my gear. The rod comes with its rod bag and Sage...
  3. Torrish

    Sage TCX 14' #9

    I have for sale my Sage TCX 14' #9 4 piece salmon rod with its bag and Sage rod tube. I have owned the rod since new and I have looked after it, its never been clashed about. The handle is soiled as you would expect but the rod itself is in great condition. Price £260 which includes postage
  4. Torrish

    Doubling Hackles

    Some folks have a bit of trouble when doubling is a video which is worth watching Hackle Folding Tool - YouTube
  5. Torrish

    C & F Hackle Pliers

  6. Torrish

    Black Wheatley Tube Fly Box

  7. Torrish

    Wheatley Tube Fly Box

  8. Torrish

    C & F Fly Boxes

  9. Torrish

    Rio Headcase

  10. Torrish

    Lamson Litespped 3.5 Series IV

    Lamson Litespeed 3.5 Series IV I have for sale my Lamson Litespeed 3.5 Series IV reel and spare spool which are in excellent condition. The reel comes with its Lamson pouch. Loaded on to the reel is a Airflo Rage Compact 450 grain floating line which is also in excellent condition. The blue...
  11. Torrish

    C + F Fly Boxes

    I have for sale 3 of my C + F fly boxes.....2 of them are the GRAND SLAM models CFGS 3555 and other is a C + F Tube fly box CF 1401 ....below All 3 boxes are in excellent condition.....Price £60 for all 3 boxes which includes postage. Payment by Paypal as a gift. If of interest please PM...
  12. Torrish

    Greys 10' GRXI 10' 7/8 Rod

    I have been asked by a friend to ask if anyone has a GREYS GRXI 10' 7/8 3 PIECE SEA TROUT rod for sale. This rod was bought at least 15 years ago and the colour of the rod blank is black. He has broken the top section, if anyone has one of these early Greys rods they would like to sell please...
  13. Torrish

    Partridge Tube Fly Trebles

  14. Torrish

    C + F Tube Fly Boxes

  15. Torrish

    Whiting Brahma Badger Capes

  16. Torrish

    What Breed Are These

    I often am walking past the Allotments and see these geese in the allotment, I have looked on the 'net for them but cannot find them....does anyone know what breed these are
  17. Torrish

    Fly Display Holder

    Can anyone tell me just where I can get some Fly display holders. The ones shown I have just received from ebay and they are much too small, more like trout size and what I am wanting are ones for holding salmon doubles. Just out of interest what do others use to hold their flies while the...
  18. Torrish

    Small Irish Shrimp Flies

    I am just getting started on tying some of these Irish shrimp flies on Partridge Code P doubles. I am undecided whether to add some tiny JC eyes to them....still a few more to go so the heads will remain unvarnished till I am done. These little shrimp flies are about 30mm or so long...should be...
  19. Torrish

    Which Double Hook

    I have some Irish shrimp flies to tie up on doubles....can anyone tell me which double hook lends itself well to tying Irish shrimp doubles on.....thanks