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    some river Cairn pictures

    over 2 days we managed a few fash ;) pictures from 090909 :D
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    loomis or guideline

    removed :
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    Dunkings or falling in this season?

    This is very serious as we all know and a heads up for others, how many times have you had to go home wet through no fault of your waders n Jacket this season? Im up to 2 :rolleyes: expecting more wet runs home!
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    Clyde Springer

    get in!
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    Beth p free style spey caster 12 years old skagit kid this young lady could show some of us a thing or two! Im impressed. fh :D
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    hello from central scotland

    helllo there folks, thought i would sign up as ive been lurking for a while. Great forum here guys n gurls :D fh