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  1. bluejay

    LPXe--RARE opportunity for someone

    On Ebay in the States. Guideline LPXe 14' 9/10 Weight 3 piece Spey Rod, Good Shape! | eBay now if I could only find a 12'6" :lol::lol:
  2. bluejay

    12' CFR Salmon, 7-9

    Looking for any information on a B&W 12' CFR Salmon 7-9, from the Bruce line. A friend has this rod and am curious about it's history and what lines one would use on this rod. Thanks for any input.
  3. bluejay

    BOSS spey lines

    I recently purchased a line from BOSS and wanted to give them a plug as I am liking these lines ALOT! Gene Oswald, designer and also North American rep for B&W has released a couple fishing lines in addition to his competition spey lines. The current offerings are a 9/10 and 8/9 line at 68'...
  4. bluejay

    posting reply to threads

    Trying to figure out why I am no longer able to post replies to threads. Was it something I said?
  5. bluejay

    Hardy Cascapedia question

    Never owned one of these, but thinking about it in the 10/11. I need a heavy reel to balance a 16' rod. How are the current models? Are they the same as the Mk111? Any of the older models preferred over the current version? Have always read they performed great. Any comments appreciated.
  6. bluejay

    80 tons of salmon

    where some of the salmon go.... Illegal fishing boat detained on high seas by USCG with 80 tons of salmon onboard
  7. bluejay

    How did the drop rings work on those old rods

    I remember reading somewhere how the drop rings on those old rods gripped the line and was part of the casting. Exactly how did this all work? Did they grip on the pick up and let go on the forward stroke? Appreciate any historical information. I know some of you fellas have used these...
  8. bluejay

    Keeping them wet

    Research keeps suggesting that if you're not gonna kill it then you got to treat them gently.
  9. bluejay

    Loop Cross S1 8130

    Loop Cross S1 8130-4 Have never cast one of these rods, but thinking about grabbing one and giving it a go. I have used the 3 pc LPXe and the 3 pc LeCie rods for a number of years. I have liked them a lot. How would this Loop rod compare to these Guideline rods? Also I'm thinking the lines...
  10. bluejay

    Gaelforce 63 question

    Have not used this line but was considering it for use with 15' Rio sinktips. I wonder how far back I'd have to cut the line to make this work. thanks for any replies.
  11. bluejay

    Guideline 4-D head combos

    Heard a rumor of 4-D heads coming. Got to thinking of how many possible configurations that would provide. Seems like lots and wondering which ones will be produced. If there are 8 possible densities--from floating to S7 and 4 different densities / head, and no head allowed to have the same...
  12. bluejay

    A new use for fly lines

    :D:D Fly Cast Painting - Moldy Chum
  13. bluejay

    a danger of tailing glove use

    The glove use here is probably more aggressive and extreme than a typical situation, but still an interesting video making a good point.
  14. bluejay

    which head?

    I've had great success with my old 2-D Guideline PT's that I cut to length for a desired weight. I'm thinking I'd like to try something a bit longer and see there are still some of the Rio AFS--S2/S3 and S3/S4 about that would give me several extra feet of line. Also I don't want to use any...
  15. bluejay

    FISH Out of WATER: How Much Air is Too Much?

    an interesting technical article out of Canada:
  16. bluejay

    Loop GDC heads.

    Spent quite a bit of time looking for length/weights of the GDC heads but to no avail. If someone has a link I would greatly appreciate. Anyone used these? Thanks.
  17. bluejay

    Guideline rods--older vs newer

    I have one of the 3 piece LeCie's and one of the 3 piece LPXe's. Had and used both for several years and like both. I am aware of the breakage issue with both of these rods. Fortunately I've gotten many good years out of both and plan to get many more. But, I am curious about the newer rods...
  18. bluejay

    LTS Speedline

    Anyone know what these lines are made of? Don't feel like PVC or PU. My Norwegian isn't good enough to figure it out. :D Thanks in advance.
  19. bluejay

    new vs old

    :confused: Having trouble finding all the differences between the new edition Perfects and the previous vintage models. Most interested in the 4 1/4" but mostly in the metals used and such. What do the newer ones have to favor one over the vintage. Any information appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  20. bluejay

    Meiser MKS 13'6 8/9 for trade

    Meiser 13'6" 8/9 MKS custom build rod I bought new in 2006. Has longer reel seat. Used a few winters but stopped using many years ago. Not used since Meiser Inspection where it got a going over and a new tip. Very good condition. Will throw mid length heads, but shines with Skagit heads 550...