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  1. Perrypokemon

    The Radcliffe

    I hit the 'like button which really doesn't do your pattetn any justice at all. We need a 'really, really, really, really, really, really like' button :cool:
  2. Perrypokemon

    Good Old Cascade

    He bought them for his head but they were just gathering dust :devilish:
  3. Perrypokemon

    Converting stocking foot to boot waders

    If you are going to use Diver Dave your mate had better not be allergic to Aquasure or talcum powder 🙄
  4. Perrypokemon


    PS your winding of the ostrich feather really is the mutt's nuts (y)
  5. Perrypokemon


    What he said x 3 :cool:
  6. Perrypokemon

    Wee Hitch's

    PS flies are tidy OF COURSE (y)
  7. Perrypokemon

    Wee Hitch's

    Those hands have never done a proper days work in their entire life. They look just like my mothers and all she ever did was swig gin and play bingo. OH NO THEY HAVEN'T 🤣
  8. Perrypokemon

    The 15ft Tool Is Now Sold

    I listed a 15ft Vision Tool in this section of the Forum this morning. It has now sold. It seems I have to create a new thread to advise anyone who is interested since my post cannot be edited to say that the rod has gone. Thank you to all who expressed an interest ;) Or you could do what...
  9. Perrypokemon

    Vision Tool Cork Handle 15ft 4 Piece

    I am offering a brand new Vision Tool 15ft 4 piece rod. It is the cork handled version which still has the protective plastic on the cork. Rated as 37g to 50g it is a veritable big gun of salmon fishing. I bought it last week but received a call this morning to tell me that my second G Loomis...
  10. Perrypokemon

    Rio Connect Core - Issues

    To have one Connect Core running line crack may indeed be a problem with the line. This is however fairly unlikely. Rio's quality management system is really very good. To have a second running line crack suggests there may be an issue with how it is being utilised. One of the most common causes...
  11. Perrypokemon

    Best place to buy weighted coneheads..tungsten or brass......

    Funky Fly Tying stocks loads of Tubeworx stuff. When Toby Merigan owned it he was the UK agent for Tubeworx. I don't know if that continued with the new owner of the business but probably a good place to start.
  12. Perrypokemon

    Taping joints

    Tape every time. If you use self amalgamating tape then the tape sticks to itself and not to the carbon. All you need to do to remove the tape is roll it like you are removing a proverbial Johnny from your proverbial Willie. I have known too many anglers lose rod sections that have not been...
  13. Perrypokemon

    Fly fish downstream?

    Please take this advice as a generalisation only. Upstream fishing for trout is of course extremely effective. The main reason for this is that trout looking for food will lie and face upstream in flowing water and intercept food sources presented to them as they wash downstream. Salmon upon...
  14. Perrypokemon

    G-Loomis Stinger -12ft-14ft

    They sometimes turn up on Ebay from American sellers but the prices are normally about £800.00. I do not believe that there is any new stock of them left in UK so you will be really lucky to drop on one
  15. Perrypokemon

    G-Loomis Stinger -12ft-14ft

    Sorry my 13ft 8/9 is actually 4 piece. I bought the 4 piece rather than the 3 because in my opinion it outperforms the 3 piece
  16. Perrypokemon

    G-Loomis Stinger -12ft-14ft

    I have the 12ft 6, 13ft, 14ft and 15ft Stingers. If you want one then please nessage me.
  17. Perrypokemon

    take it lying down my fawlty

    I stand corrected. Not only are you racist you are also a pedlar of hate speech too. Sneaking around asking Forum Members if they would care for you to post them some of your video ultra nasties by private message? There's none so blind as those who will not see is it? I would rather scrape out...
  18. Perrypokemon

    take it lying down my fawlty

    That is most unfair. He is not at all a little racist. He is completely and utterly mad as a box of bullfrogs racist.
  19. Perrypokemon

    Skagit line

    Before I posted my own answer I did check the Snowbee Website and as far as could make out they recommend Skagit set ups within the 400 grain window for all of their 8 weight switch rods. With this in mind it does actually seem as if their 8 weight rods are in fact 8 salmon an not 8 trout.
  20. Perrypokemon

    Skagit line

    8 weight is typically 30g. If you convert 30g to grains you get 462. I would therefore go for something like 475grains as your starting point.