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    Guideline Exceed

    Any suggestions for suitable shooting head weight for a 13ft7 9/10 Exceed ? Morphfly
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    XFs2 line rating

    Does anyone have any advice on what weight (grms or grains) is best for the Grey's Xfs2 S 15ft #10 Morphfly
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    Sea Trout proboard

    I see the Sea Trout forum has closed. Does anyone know Why? Morphfly
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    Wading jackets

    I'm looking for a new jacket which non Simms wading jackets are worth a look, not silly money but must be waterproof Morphfly
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    New SEPA head

    Article in today's Guardian ( Scotland Section) is an interview with the new head of SEPA,in it he specifically mentions salmon farming as a problem to be addressed. Hope he's allowed to rectify this ecological crime. Morphfly
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    Orcas in West Wales

    On one of the Sea trout sites a report of Orcas being seen in the Teifi estuary! Poor old Sammy the seal Morphfly
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    Turus on Alba

    I saw that Turus was back on Alba last night. Is it a new series or a repeat ? Unfortunately fell asleep before it came on Morphfly
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    Hardy Ultralite disc salmon spare spool

    Hardy Ultralite disc (salmon) spare spool Looking for a spare spool . Its not the large arbor its the black reel Morphfly
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    Mitchell 300

    Does anyone know if you can still get spares for this reel Morphfly
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    Why Cone heads

    Can someone explain why /when these are useful. Reading the contributions it would seem to me that they're either to keep tubes on an even keel or gain greater depth(rather than relying on the sink rate of the line) or have I missed something? Morphfly P.S. be gentle!!