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  1. PerryPoker

    Poorly Hooked Fish

    Whilst I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a few salmon this season, I have landed 8 fish this season where the hook has come out in the net. I’m using the same hooks as I usually do, I’m ‘setting’ the hook in the same way I’ve always done but for whatever reason the hooks don’t seem to be...
  2. PerryPoker

    Vision Ace Clear Floating line 38g or 34g

    Does anyone have this line in either weight that they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  3. PerryPoker

    The Ross Macdonald Collection

    Inspired by the cracking thread - The Black Arts by Dr.Patrick recently, I thought I’d do something similar with the patterns created by Ross MacDonald. For those of you who don’t follow the Tie of the Month threads, I’m a big fan of his tying and my fly boxes are never without one or two of his...
  4. PerryPoker

    Artifishal - The Fight To Save Wild Salmon

    This was posted elsewhere on the forum but thought i'd share it on the general board. Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon - YouTube
  5. PerryPoker

    Hardy Ultralite 8000 DD Reel

    I have for sale the above reel. It comes with original box and pouch. There are one or two very minor usage marks on the reel but otherwise in excellent condition as it has only been used a few times. I can leave the backing off if required. Selling to fund new rod! Looking for £150. Pictures...
  6. PerryPoker

    Rod Lengths

    I was reading through some old forum content this afternoon and came across a poll regarding rod lengths. Rod Length I just thought it would be interesting to see what angler's preferred rod lengths were 10 years on. I've added in a section for Switch rods.
  7. PerryPoker

    Rio AFS Floating Shooting Head 10/11

    As above. If anyone has one they are willing to sell on please drop me a PM. Thanks
  8. PerryPoker

    Vision GT4 Catapult 15' #11 3 piece (original) middle section

    Long shot but would anyone have the middle section for the above rod lying around that they'd be willing to sell? It's the original 3 piece Catapult that I have and it has been sitting in my cupboard for years without use due to the breakage. I'm looking to resurrect it to use again. If anyone...
  9. PerryPoker

    Salmon Fishing Quiz

    Thought I would make up a quiz to pass a bit of time this week. It's not too difficult so feel free to take part. I will reveal the answers on the 28th December. Q1. Who holds the record for the heaviest fly caught salmon in the UK and what year was it caught? Q2. Who invented the Cascade...
  10. PerryPoker

    Jinxed Beats

    Anyone got a beat where they never fail to blank despite fish being present or conditions favourable?
  11. PerryPoker

    Guideline PT Scandi Floating 9/10 or 10/11

    Looking for one of the above lines. Preferabley the 10/11 but will take a 9/10. If anyone has got one of the above lying around that they would like to move on give me a shout. Thanks
  12. PerryPoker

    Lines for sale

    For Sale: 1. LTS Short Speedline 42g 10/11 Floating shooting head. Factory looped both ends. Used for 1 hour then re-spooled. Comes with original spool and box. SOLD 2. Guideline PT Compact 20g 8/9 Floating shooting head. Factory looped both ends. Used for less than 1 hour then re-spool...
  13. PerryPoker

    Forum Name Pictionary

    Inspired by DCH on another thread. Anyone for a game of Forum Name Pictionary and we can all guess who the member is? For example, here's my forum name in pictures. Just a light hearted bit of fun.
  14. PerryPoker

    Forum Quality - A Nut Case Study

    I thought I'd post a wee graph tonight. I don't smoke so couldn't write it on official Regal Kingsize headed paper so this will have to do I'm afraid. My knowledge of IT is also zero hence the hand written graph. This graph shows the decline of the SFF in recent times using absolutely no...
  15. PerryPoker

    The winter months

    The salmon fishing season is as good as over for most of us now but what keeps you occupied during the cold months before the fishing starts again? I like to do a bit of beating and shooting which I enjoy a lot and tie the odd fly.
  16. PerryPoker

    If you could bring back one ex member, who would it be and why?

    I was a long time lurker on this forum before I actually joined up and have noticed several long standing members no longer frequent the place. For example, I used to have some great banter with SNICKER but he is long gone these days. I'd never met him or knew who he was but some of his posts...
  17. PerryPoker

    Scottish Game Fair

    Anyone heading over to the Game Fair this weekend?
  18. PerryPoker

    Estuary Fishing

    I've got the chance to have a crack at the sea trout in the next couple of weeks down at my local estuary. It's not something I've done much of so was hoping the members of this forum might be able to shed some light on tactics/flies etc. Any advice would be most welcome and much appreciated...
  19. PerryPoker

    Bob Geldoff

    Anyone else think the man is a complete and utter ****? He always feels the urge to try and convince people to follow his lead but his powers of persuasion leave a lot to be disired and if ever there was a good time for a boat to sink today would have been it. Was disgraceful the way he abused...
  20. PerryPoker

    What do you class as a full floating set up?

    I was talking with a chap on Saturday who had landed a couple of fish the previous week on the Spey using a full floater but then went on to say he had a short sink tip (polyleader) on the end. :confused: To me a full floater has always been a floating line with a tapered leader or just a...