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  1. Doc

    13’ B&W norway

    I haven’t had a 13’ rod for quite a while so..... As above wanted Bruce & Walker Norway speycaster 13’ #9. Thanks Liam
  2. Doc

    The Feather Thief

    I recently listened to an orvis podcast with the author of this book as a guest. I found it interesting and I was wondering if anyone had read the book? It would make me think twice about buying rare feathers from eBay that’s for sure! Doc
  3. Doc

    Easkey gold

    My 6 year old daughter (Easkey is her name) wanted a brooch pin fly so I couldn't think of a better fly after I told her it was named after her!
  4. Doc

    Fly Tying Materials

    Hi, Doing a small clearout of materials I don't use, prices include postage. Top to bottom/left to Right: Golden Pheasant body Skin dyed purple £5 Red Game Cock Saddle, i'm guessing but it may be Chevron hackles £10 Orvis Chartreuse select saddle hackles £1.50 Dyed Red Cock Saddle, again may...
  5. Doc

    Airflo ridge running line

    No longer need this, orange in colour £10 posted. Liam
  6. Doc

    The First fly you've ever tied

    Mine was a black Pennel, followed by a Teal Blue & silver, Peter Ross & a butcher. I was told they were the only flies I would ever need for sea (white) trout in our local river. So I tied this one today, size 10 no vice just a pair of scissors.
  7. Doc

    Fly reel handle

    Gentlemen, I gave away a handle from a reel I wasn't using to a friend who broke his and now i'm after a replacement. Has anyone got something along the lines of this or know where one can be obtained in the UK? Thanks Liam
  8. Doc

    Trout floating fly line.

    After realising where I must've left my trout reel I'm on the hunt for another #6 wf floating line. What ya got? Liam
  9. Doc


    Was watching this video earlier great pollock caught at 24min My parents have a mobile home in Donegal so when I go up for a week or two in the summer I usually take a fly rod but only ever used a sinking line and caught a few fish in the region of 1-2lb must try...
  10. Doc

    Dogcam mini DVR 3 bullet camera

    This is for sale cost £179 a couple of years ago but hasn't been used since the skydive I did last year. MiniDVR 3 Bullet Cameras System Looking for £90
  11. Doc

    Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey hooks

    Have a number of these that will never be used 30 size 5 gold and 9 size 5 black. They're a traditional Bartleet style hook do the lot for £15 posted or hand delivered whichever suits.
  12. Doc

    Hardy Salmon No 1

    Ideal for 8/9 rated lines looking for £130 for the reel and spool as I need to buy new brakes for the mountainbike :p I also have a vision ace 31g float/sink 1 shooting head regular length £18 amd rio yellow running line £8 do both for £25 Prices are posted to UK/ Ireland Liam
  13. Doc

    Ace shooting head/ snowbee 2D

    I have for sale a vision Ace 31g float/sink 1 shooting head in very good condition £20 Rio yellow running line it has been used but is still in very useable condition it doesn't coil or kink. £10 Snowbee 2D 8/9 sink tip very good condition £15 Prices include postage and paypay gift is...
  14. Doc

    13' vision GT4 setup

    Selling my 13' vision GT4 DH this is the softer action 4 piece rod. Looking to sell along with hardy marquis salmon no.1 and spare spool. One spool is loaded with rio running line and a 31g vision ace float/sink1 shooting head, the other has a 8/9 snobee 2D sink tip. Both lines match the rod...
  15. Doc

    Esmund Drury hooks size 8 and size 6

    I have a few of these hooks that I don't need, 88 size 8 and 96 size 6 they are loose looking for £35 posted that's less than 20p a hook! Liam Now Sold
  16. Doc

    Sonik SK4 single handed rod

    I have a 10' 6/7 sk4 that I haven't used these past 2 seasons looking for £60 for the rod on its own or I can include a matching line and pfleuger trion with 3 spools for £100. Good kit for low water.
  17. Doc

    Various books for sale

    All prices include postage, payment via paypal gift prefered. Shooting Gundogs , Training and Field Trials – P.R.A Moxon (hardback 16th edition excellent condition) £10 Tide’s Ending by ‘B.B.’ ( wildfowling book, hardback as new condition) £SOLD The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and...
  18. Doc

    Single handed outfit for sale.

    I never use this rod so letting it go. Its a sonik SK4 10' 6/7 rated rod and pfleuger trion 5/6 reel. There is a #6 airflo line on the reel and 3 empty spare spools all in good condition looking for £100 posted Doc
  19. Doc

    marquis 9/10/11 spool wanted

    Anyone got a spool for the above reel, non disc version. Thanks Doc
  20. Doc

    Hardy Marquis 8/9

    With spare spool. A few scuffs but mechanically sound condition £80 posted