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  1. PerryPoker

    Dyed Squirrel Tails

    Great job Dr.P 👏
  2. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    I had the same response this morning too. I also contacted my bank but as I willingly sent payment when PayPal clearly stated you shouldn’t use Friends & Family then it’s just a lesson learned unfortunately. I’m just glad it wasn’t several hundred pounds I sent the bastards!
  3. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    Thanks. Appreciate that. I have reported it to PayPal so I’ll see what they come back with. The day after I sent the money I had a wee niggle in the back of my mind that something wasn’t right so I screenshot all the messages just in case.
  4. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    I’ve reported the account I sent the money to PayPal but I’m not holding my breath for getting it back given that it was sent by paying friends and family. That’s my weekend’s overtime from last week paid straight into some scammers account.
  5. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    I wish I didn’t bother now!
  6. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    I sent the scammer my address as well! That’ll be my identity stolen next.
  7. PerryPoker

    Hacked account

    ****!!! I bought the Loop reel that was for sale. I’m guessing that’s me done out off £125 then? I was actually thinking it was too good a deal and having never dealt with Andy before I just assumed it was legit. I’m really annoyed that I fell for that hook, line and sinker. 🤬🤬🤬
  8. PerryPoker

    Simms G3 vs Loop Torne

    I have the Simms G3 and it is by far the most comfortable fishing jacket I’ve owned and it has never let me down since I bought it several years ago. I wear it for majority of my fishing.
  9. PerryPoker

    Poorly Hooked Fish

    Whilst I’ve been fortunate enough to catch a few salmon this season, I have landed 8 fish this season where the hook has come out in the net. I’m using the same hooks as I usually do, I’m ‘setting’ the hook in the same way I’ve always done but for whatever reason the hooks don’t seem to be...
  10. PerryPoker

    A Few Fish From Today

    Well done on your fish but in my opinion, you should never give away your tried and tested secrets! I know it’s nothing new but now every man and their dug will be fishing slow sinking lines! The full floater will then rein supreme again when the fish have seen several hundred Snaeldas and...
  11. PerryPoker

    Estimated weight

  12. PerryPoker

    Silver Salmon, where are they?

    Hardly seen a fresh fish on my local rivers since beginning of August. The fish runs seem to die off after the grilse arrive these days.
  13. PerryPoker

    Which Gordon castle beat in second half of May

    Beat 5 is my favourite closely followed by Beat 3.
  14. PerryPoker

    A few fish I caught from the Dee on my last two visits and also one from the southie which I got on my way down from the Dee on Saturday

    Well done Phil and congratulations on beating the SFF record for the longest thread title! 😜
  15. PerryPoker

    What's makes a "good angler"?

    A good angler for me is someone who is adept at fishing a variety of ways and not just your 45 degree cast and swing a fly in hope types. Changing how a fly or bait is presented every other cast until something works, fishing deep in low water and inducing takes or fishing high when fish are on...
  16. PerryPoker

    Go to coloured water fly

    Silver Ally tied with hot orange materials. Glows like a beacon. Perfect for heavily peat stained highland rivers
  17. PerryPoker

    Euros 2021

  18. PerryPoker

    Red letter day on the Spey

    Superb! 🎣🎣🎣🎣👏
  19. PerryPoker

    Three fae the Spey

    🤣🤣🤣Hope you told him to pull himself together?
  20. PerryPoker

    Aboyne Castle

    Some cracking pools at Aboyne Castle. Jockie Fife and Tanar Mouth are lovely casts. Forties are good pools as well. It can be busy with walkers on a sunny day but the upper pools are quiet and should be free from the swimming dogs and stone throwers.