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    River dee water extraxtion

    There's quite a notable system takes a significant Dee river volume. Look at about at how Woodend beats generally performed and note their relative recent shadow. Abstraction and hydro plant via Lower Woodhill hydro plant nearby put the shove on Dee volumes and really put a shove across...
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    Scottish loch temperatures

    Anyone know about or point towards any info/link(s) to Scottish loch water temperature info? SG, SNH and CEH don't seem to want to indicate even tho it's recorded regularly to about over 1,000'? It might prove interesting given Carron Valley Dam was stocked recently with powan deliberately...
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    A wee bit interesting entomology from NZ
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    River Eden 2070-2100

    Got sent this in an email subscription: That's neat - use projected models in order to better project err, umm - models? Fear no more, Cumbrian Eden -...
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    Nic Lewis, March

    Some real science...
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    Early covid onset

    Nic Lewis penned this back in early March... how foolish have we become?
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    Recent Scottish rainfall and landslides

    It's not been too many months ago since two major Scottish transport routes were closed due to landslides. Here's a BGS summary of the previous ten years quarterly averaged Scottish rainfall versus landslide numbers ; don't forget - you don't get to choose temp or otherwise data...
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    Barbs v barbless

    Barbs. And hooks. Have deliberatetly fished with barbs, semi, full crimped albeit across diff species. It appears not to matter other than keeping a tight line. Has anybody else experienced this?
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    Just about some capable
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    River Devon beaver re-introduction

    Apparently, some real-life SNH-enabled transfer occurred sometime here and about last year's Spring. Normally, it would've passed unseen but it didn't locally thanks to the capable older older folks hereabouts. Turns out that an earlier 2019 SNH public screening/meeting group (Perth)...
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    Typically capable stuff c/o Judy Curry Why herd immunity to COVID-19 is reached much earlier than thought | Climate Etc.
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    There was a thread re char recently maybe missed. It's very illumanative to what it was suspected are trout, etc. About 56mins and kinda good... ron greer char - Bing video. Slainte m
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    Humour (non gill exhaustive...)

    Airthrey Loch weed cutting contraption c/w bow scissors . :).
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    Random images

    Modren day electrickery has much to answer for not that we'd be expected to know it. According to some top 'science' advice, we can best utilise wind and solar in order to power entire economies. It's bampots running bampottery via any scale. Some figs for instance: UK runs on about a...
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    Temps, feed and behaviour

    Good stuff from our antipodean partners FISH DIGESTION AND HOW IT DRIVES FEEDING BEHAVIOUR – Active Angling New Zealand
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    A history of Tay system floods

    A good read with records from 1200 -> 2005, with ice dams at Perth's Smeaton's Bridge :shocked:! Click bottom middle for access: (PDF) Flood seasonality and generating conditions in the Tay catchment, Scotland from 1200 to present | Lindsey McEwen -
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    Scotland geology fly-thro

    Great stuff at Scotland's geology -- a fly-through from the Solway Firth to Stirling - YouTube
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    Energy supply

    : by 2025, Scotland will have no fossil-fueled or nuclear baseload electricity generation capability. Great to see too, that elec demand is now at times a major Scots import. Scotland needs about 5GW (five billion watts) daily demand. Given Hunterston A, Kincardine, Cockenzie, Peterheed and...
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    Another Lanrick smasher...

    Great to see Phil B still knocking out super fish... This one (of two same day!) from Teith's Lanrick... (Minor correction via the photo capture but 103cms so about 20-odd so quite the deal... )