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  1. Doc

    13’ B&W norway

    I haven’t had a 13’ rod for quite a while so..... As above wanted Bruce & Walker Norway speycaster 13’ #9. Thanks Liam
  2. Doc

    The Feather Thief

    I recently listened to an orvis podcast with the author of this book as a guest. I found it interesting and I was wondering if anyone had read the book? It would make me think twice about buying rare feathers from eBay that’s for sure! Doc
  3. Doc

    May 2017 Tie Of The Month - Irish Flies

    Here's mine, Claret Shrimp. It was first given to me by my late Great uncle about 20 years ago. Fly in front is size 10 and in background are 2,4,6 & 8 sprite doubles. Two GP feathers are used in sizes 2, 4 & 6. Doc
  4. Doc

    Green Silk

    What are your thoughts on this variant?
  5. Doc

    Easkey gold

    My 6 year old daughter (Easkey is her name) wanted a brooch pin fly so I couldn't think of a better fly after I told her it was named after her!
  6. Doc

    Fly Tying Materials

    Hi, Doing a small clearout of materials I don't use, prices include postage. Top to bottom/left to Right: Golden Pheasant body Skin dyed purple £5 Red Game Cock Saddle, i'm guessing but it may be Chevron hackles £10 Orvis Chartreuse select saddle hackles £1.50 Dyed Red Cock Saddle, again may...
  7. Doc

    Airflo ridge running line

    No longer need this, orange in colour £10 posted. Liam
  8. Doc

    The First fly you've ever tied

    Number Two
  9. Doc

    The First fly you've ever tied

    Mine was a black Pennel, followed by a Teal Blue & silver, Peter Ross & a butcher. I was told they were the only flies I would ever need for sea (white) trout in our local river. So I tied this one today, size 10 no vice just a pair of scissors.
  10. Doc

    Fly reel handle

    Gentlemen, I gave away a handle from a reel I wasn't using to a friend who broke his and now i'm after a replacement. Has anyone got something along the lines of this or know where one can be obtained in the UK? Thanks Liam
  11. Doc

    Trout floating fly line.

    After realising where I must've left my trout reel I'm on the hunt for another #6 wf floating line. What ya got? Liam
  12. Doc


    Was watching this video earlier great pollock caught at 24min My parents have a mobile home in Donegal so when I go up for a week or two in the summer I usually take a fly rod but only ever used a sinking line and caught a few fish in the region of 1-2lb must try...
  13. Doc

    Dogcam mini DVR 3 bullet camera

    This is for sale cost £179 a couple of years ago but hasn't been used since the skydive I did last year. MiniDVR 3 Bullet Cameras System Looking for £90
  14. Doc

    Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey hooks

    Have a number of these that will never be used 30 size 5 gold and 9 size 5 black. They're a traditional Bartleet style hook do the lot for £15 posted or hand delivered whichever suits.
  15. Doc

    Hardy Salmon No 1

    Ideal for 8/9 rated lines looking for £130 for the reel and spool as I need to buy new brakes for the mountainbike :p I also have a vision ace 31g float/sink 1 shooting head regular length £18 amd rio yellow running line £8 do both for £25 Prices are posted to UK/ Ireland Liam
  16. Doc

    Ace shooting head/ snowbee 2D

    I have for sale a vision Ace 31g float/sink 1 shooting head in very good condition £20 Rio yellow running line it has been used but is still in very useable condition it doesn't coil or kink. £10 Snowbee 2D 8/9 sink tip very good condition £15 Prices include postage and paypay gift is...
  17. Doc

    13' vision GT4 setup

    Selling my 13' vision GT4 DH this is the softer action 4 piece rod. Looking to sell along with hardy marquis salmon no.1 and spare spool. One spool is loaded with rio running line and a 31g vision ace float/sink1 shooting head, the other has a 8/9 snobee 2D sink tip. Both lines match the rod...
  18. Doc

    Esmund Drury hooks size 8 and size 6

    I have a few of these hooks that I don't need, 88 size 8 and 96 size 6 they are loose looking for £35 posted that's less than 20p a hook! Liam Now Sold
  19. Doc

    Sonik SK4 single handed rod

    I have a 10' 6/7 sk4 that I haven't used these past 2 seasons looking for £60 for the rod on its own or I can include a matching line and pfleuger trion with 3 spools for £100. Good kit for low water.
  20. Doc

    Various books for sale

    All prices include postage, payment via paypal gift prefered. Shooting Gundogs , Training and Field Trials – P.R.A Moxon (hardback 16th edition excellent condition) £10 Tide’s Ending by ‘B.B.’ ( wildfowling book, hardback as new condition) £SOLD The Complete Encyclopedia of Pistols and...