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    The UK Atlantic Salmon Conservation Charities – Who is Doing What?

    Excellent post. What appears to happen within the great North Atlantic Ocean is a periodic circa 60yr flux exhibited via about about 1.5C max. This is resonant within ocean core sediment samples.. Plankton and fish their basic boundaries.
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    Jim Murray and Sarah Parish to Open River Deveron Salmon Season

    Ythan's next... Whatever happened to the field station there?
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    Your biggest UK salmon

    Kenny007, here's a heads up fwiw. I was dead lucky to get that 21+. Previous best was a clean fifteen from Border Esk mid October 1981- go check that record. Frosty conditions as you see... Re Teith, I'd already at that point been working with many double-figure fish - sorta out to mid-teens...
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    The UK Atlantic Salmon Conservation Charities – Who is Doing What?

    Yeah me too for 'Art', despite full marks the year in biology
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    Your biggest UK salmon

    A, it was an absolute education to work with FDSFB. My gaffer then was Big Bill Cunningham an absolute top smasher of a bloke - - ex RN purser across where all contact was lost for near three days in mid Alanntic. Top man but crap board by any account, really.
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    Your biggest UK salmon

    Hmm? It does look a bit minimal across any def of a twenty. For those of us that've worked farming situations, probably about a fourteener. Camera and memory distorts? Biggest salmon was a 21lb and a half hen fish some thirty-odd years ago on Teith from the wee glut below Geisher pool at...
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    Tagged smolts detected at sea

    And, at about the same time via same former Forth District fishery allowed bosses, some combined 72K to top man - plus expenses. Farcical. Of course, as duty should, ahem, the vast majority of board resigned, only to re-invent via reincorporation as a charity, hence trust and all the rage...
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    Lice Induced Mortality in Juvenile Salmon at Sea

    There's a very similar context happened not too long ago when Lochaber SFB effectively sacked their top biologist. Part at that time was a Scot gov progamme termed FASMOP. In effect, gov was sanctioning the importation in order to later herald production and Lochy compromised.
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    River helmsdale

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    Tagged smolts detected at sea

    As case might be only because it's from a rainbow perspective Firstly, we outputted 410 tonnes across one year That's a lot of feed and oxy and took us to to top chart
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    Salmon farmers warn against SNP-Green deal

    Long term River Dee flow volumes can hats be put here?
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    River dee water extraxtion

    There's quite a notable system takes a significant Dee river volume. Look at about at how Woodend beats generally performed and note their relative recent shadow. Abstraction and hydro plant via Lower Woodhill hydro plant nearby put the shove on Dee volumes and really put a shove across...
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    Salmon farmers warn against SNP-Green deal

    Fruin, last Scottish election, Green Party amassed six thou votes enabled enough to subsequently become ministerial.' That' way has become beyond bonkers across any realistic real size enabled competency.. Figs and attitudes vary of course and hell mend you!
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    Turner Prize nominees 2021 -Some further public awareness raised about the devastating effects of salmon farming

    It;s diffuicult sp to know. Part of the initial re-beaver stuff incorporated about 40 square kms at about Kilmartin at end of Loch Awe. Anaway,, despite so-called 'experiement', they within a coupla weeks were recorded on Tay systems and a cute legalise enabling river bank enforcement'. Later...
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    Style of Fly.

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    Duke splashes out 1million on salmon stocks

    Yip, It'd be interesting to see our former chief FDSFB and FFT governor comment on that. Hello...?